Dynamic publishing

A new era in information management


The way we create and publish information and technical documentation is changing. The trend now is to go from traditional, full-length documents to smaller pieces of information that can be quickly updated, put together and distributed to different targets. This saves you both time and effort, but requires new processes, techniques and structures for creating content and publishing it.

Dynamic publishing refers to the method where information is compiled only when it is requested. Information consists of information objects that are assembled in response to the user’s requests or requirements. Dynamic publishing can be applied to any technical or non-technical document such as product catalogues, manuals, brochures, and marketing collateral.

Etteplan helps you efficiently create, manage and publish fully customized information in your user guides, installation guides, product datasheets, service and maintenance information or spare parts catalogues in different languages and formats.  

In the dynamic publishing service we analyze your existing information and organize it into clear structures. Then we open the channels where the information can be published and exchanged between systems and consumers. All the time focusing on the best way to tailor our technology to your business and organization’s needs.

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