Consumer products

Our offering to consumer business customers includes, among other things, technical documentation services. In consumer products, high-quality technical documentation is particularly important, as the consumer’s experience with the product manual and thus the use of the product is a significant part of the customer experience. It determines the customer’s overall perception of the brand.

Technical documentation at the heart of consumer products

By law, a product that is sold must always be accompanied by a manual when the use of the product requires it. However, manuals can often be up to 400 pages long and are presented in a way that dissuades the consumer from reading them.

It is Etteplan’s job to produce the documentation so that the manual can be read with electronic devices and is written in a language that is easy to read. The easier it is for consumers to use the product, the more positively they will perceive the manufacturer of the product.

Digitalization is changing products

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing consumer products at a tremendous pace: in the future, a refrigerator will know when the milk runs out and will order more online.

The new digital operating environment entails a change not only in consumer business and products, but also in the way technical documentation is developed. The development of technical documentation software and systems – linking IoT to electronic technical documentation – is at the heart of Etteplan’s expertise.


Well-known brands as customers


Examples of customers using our services include Electrolux (home appliances), Tristar (home appliances and home electronics), Husqvarna (home appliances and gardening tools) and Gardena (gardening tools).


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“In April 2015, Husqvarna outsourced the global production and maintenance of its technical documentation to Etteplan. A simpler, harmonized technical documentation process increases our speed, saves costs and improves quality.”


Daniel Hanngren, Director Communality, Technical Office, Husqvarna Group

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Bin - e

Bin - e is a Polish company that creates and manufactures smart waste bins, which utilize object recognition technology, artificial intelligence, and data processing. The company’s product, the Bin - e, segregates waste, and contributes in a meaningful way to reducing the CO2 footprint of waste disposal by optimizing waste transport. It has an integrated web app that informs the user and the waste management company about the waste level. It is an ideal solution for offices and public places.

A smart event platform

A solution developed by Eatech (Part of Etteplan Group) and the City of Tampere will be used as the publication platform for the Helsinki Market Square digital experiments. We will be providing support services for the platform during the experiments.


Eatech (Part of Etteplan Group) implemented a mobile app for Neste that includes mobile refuelling, as well as a wide range of opportunities for customer marketing. Potential users of the application, which was released for iPhone and Android, are all the Finns traveling by car.


Eatech (Part of Etteplan Group) is Posti’s collaboration partner in charge of the maintenance of Posti’s parcel lockers. Eatech also participates in the development of the parcel locker system. The Continuous Services unit of Eatech carried out the modernisation of Posti’s parcel locker equipment and the implementation of the new software during autumn 2017. The work covered all parcel lockers in Finland.

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