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Lars Sköld: Our customers digitalization journey and its opportunities

Lars Sköld is one of our Senior Documentation Managers in Stockholm, Sweden. He started working at Etteplan 2017 and is currently working as a Project Manager in a big digitalization project. He is specialized in Asset information and has a great passion for digitalization.

“It’s fun to work with digitalization, because you help your customer become more effective in their work in helping them digitalize” Lars explains. The ability to make a difference, and to  help develop the customers company is an important factor for Lars. That’s why he wants to continue on the path that he is currently on, and it’s a broad area that he can continue to learn a lot from.

“It’s an interesting area of expertise where you can do a lot of good for others, I actually make a difference”.

A typical digitalization project starts with collecting and mapping out all the information, analyzing it and creating metadata so that the information can be accessed through searches and key words. You collect the information and put it all in the same place, instead of having several documents in different places. “You also have to check for outdated versions, to see which ones are correct and sometimes even combine several documents into one”. After all the planning, collecting, analyzing and putting it all together – it’s time to inform, teach and to follow up with the customer, so that the development continues. “It’s a journey with many steps, where you have to see the whole picture” Lars says.

Good teamwork is very important for it all to work, since you have people with various areas of expertise working together. “You don’t have to be an expert in all things, but to have an overview, to listen and communicate – that’s an important part. Let the experts do their thing! My job is to listen to the team, the organization, the network etc. and to communicate it all so that everyone is up to speed” Lars explains. “We share our knowledge and findings in our weekly meetings, learn daily on the job working with the documents and from talking with the customers. Also, as a consultant you learn a lot by switching assignments with different kinds of customers and industries – even though it’s nice to stay in a project for a while so you can see the results!” he says and smiles.

In his free time, Lars is a family man who likes to spend time with his kids and to help them with their homework, which also keeps his math and physics knowledge up to date. Other than that he likes to participate in sports. He’s been doing karate for 9 years, has a black belt, and is currently coaching others in it. He also created a competition in swim-run, and likes to ski off-piste during the winter months.