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Łukasz Rybka: Every project is specific and that it is what develops me

Łukasz Rybka started working at Etteplan in Wrocław, Poland in February 2017 as a Technical Documentation Specialist.

“In December 2016, I found an announcement that Etteplan was looking for employees for the newly created Technical Documentation Department, which sparked my interest. I happened to be pursuing a humanities degree in digital and web publishing at the University of Wrocław. Our lecturers were from the Institute of Library and Information Science. Thanks to my education, I have developed in the direction of information and metadata management," said Łukasz.

This was an excellent addition to the knowledge I already had of creating manuals and technical documentation. Łukasz's first project at Etteplan was to develop technical documentation for a packaging production line. “It was my first project. I carried it out with a new colleague, Martyna Toporek. As part of a training course at our branch in Eindehoven, we prepared a piece of documentation for a line producing packaging for cosmetics," recalled Łukasz.

Another time he was creating documentation for a boiler controller. “My main task was to describe the functions and their role in the software. This was my first project closely related to software and agile project management techniques,” he said. Another interesting project was the creation of technical documentation for meters to measure the filling of silos. “The meters used radioactive materials. It was the first time I had encountered such a device and solution. This required me to obtain more in-depth knowledge of the subject rather than simply analyze the data the client sent," Łukasz explained.

The variety of projects allowed him to explore new horizons, gain knowledge and develop his skills. Łukasz is currently working with clients and overseeing projects. He enjoys being able to advise customers and his team members on how to approach a project. Sharing knowledge is very important to him.

“The exchange of experience not only allows for personal development, but also has a positive impact on building the competence of the entire team.”

However, that is not all. Dialogue is an important part of team building. “Discussing various topics among ourselves makes us stronger. We get to know each other better, we are interested in each other's point of view,' says Łukasz. The variety of projects allowed him to explore new horizons, gain knowledge, and develop his skills. As Lead Documentation Specialist, Łukasz takes care of project implementation. As he underlines, the projects are different and have their own specificities and interesting experiences. “What I remember from each implementation is what went very well and also what could have gone better. This is a good lesson and an opportunity to develop," explained Łukasz.