Magda Software Designer

Magda Urbanowicz: Breaking records while thriving in the new

A great story takes you by surprise and Magda Urbanowicz’s is definitely one of them. Magda works at Etteplan’s Headquarters in Espoo, Finland as a Software Designer in the Test Solutions team in Software and Embedded Solutions. At the same time, she manages to crush world records in powerlifting! Here’s how Magda ended up finding this unique balance in her life.  

Magda grew up in Poland and completed her Master’s degree in the Applied Physics at Warsaw University of Technology, and after a few years in working life, she needed a change.

“I decided that I want to find a better place for me. I wanted to experience more, meet new people and get to know a new culture.”

What attracted Magda to Finland were the calmer and smaller cities, focus on high-tech, and the ranking as the happiest country in the world. She decided to take a leap of faith and see what Finland would have in store for her. After only one month of setting foot in Finland, Magda already found her home at Etteplan. 

“My team has been very supportive from the beginning – not only with learning a lot of things at work but also with settling into a new country. I never feel lonely, we have a nice tradition of going out for lunch together and I feel comfortable and included in the team,” Magda says and smiles. 

Magda says what she most enjoys in her work are the endless possibilities to develop herself in different areas, such as new programming languages, electronics and even with learning Finnish. In the Test Solutions department, they produce the testers intended for production testing, measurement systems (Data Acquisition and Control) and test data analysis. Every customer and every project has different requirements for the testing systems and you need to be able to work together with your multicompetent team to deliver the best possible results. 

This is one of the main reasons why Magda also sees herself working at Etteplan in the future. “I see the opportunities all around me. In the company, there are a lot of departments that are all working with different interesting projects and technologies.” 

When describing Etteplan’s culture, Magda highlights first of all the great work-life balance. She is an eager learner, but she does not want to stress about her work after she closes her laptop and heads to the gym. As a world record holder and the world champion in powerlifting, she needs to be able to switch off and turn her focus to training – the other and equally important part of her life.  

Magda feels like she has found her place in many ways: in a new country, in the world of software, and also as a powerlifter. Her spontaneous decision to look for a change has proven to be the right one.