Martin Bay Milter: Hybrid work has brought us together

Martin Milter Bay: Hybrid work has brought us together

Martin Milter Bay’s office may be in Odense, Denmark, but the Danish archipelago is where he calls home. Martin's extensive experience in the component distribution industry, from sales to cyber security technology specialist, has afforded him valuable knowledge of both the field and people – which is why he chose Etteplan.
One of his favorite parts of the role as a Sales Manager is the interaction with his customers, and potential customers. Both build relationships, as well as the challenges that make the job itself and the day-to-day more interesting. 
The sales business can sometimes rely on market performance, so finding the right opportunities at the right time is an important skill. 

“Working on big cases has brought both learning experiences as well as an opportunity to get to work with and get know more people within Etteplan.”

Being part of the sales team in Denmark has allowed Martin to continuously build his knowledge and work with evolving market trends and new and innovative solutions.
“Green farming is a recent trend that I find very interesting – understanding how it works and being a part of environmental change.”
Negotiations and striking a great deal are some of the main motivators, but most of all is the working environment. Martin does frequent the office some days of the week, however, the flexibility in his role makes a difference. 

“Doing things outside of work feels like you are using a different part of your brain and I think that is quite important. You have ways to do some creative work, also some time to do the more logical thinking, which is what we are normally doing at work.” 

In his free time Martin is a man of many talents. Balancing work, family, and hobbies can be a challenge, but it is the hybrid working conditions that allow Martin and his family to live, and to pursue the things that make him happy. 

“This embracement of remote working has been important, the fact that we have this in the company has been an important factor for me.”
Staying active with running keeps Martin going, but it is his musical talent that excites him. Martin alternates between playing piano and keyboard for his band FAR, who play their own original Danish music.