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This is my story

Deviating career path

Dealing with change is not really one of my strong points. Change of country, change of jobs, change of career path... So just to give an idea of a handful of changes I’ve had to deal with, let me say that I am an Indian with a Master’s degree in Chemistry (with a specialization in Organic chemistry) who had hopes of working in a pharmaceutical industry, but is now working in the Netherlands as a Technical Author here at Etteplan. That’s quite a deviation, I’d say!

Becoming a technical author

All that being said, I must add that I have no regrets of where I have ended up. It’s not just the job that matters, but also your workplace, especially when all that’s around you is new to you. Fortunately for me, being a Technical Author at Etteplan has been a wonderful experience so far. It definitely came with a huge learning curve, but thanks to really helpful colleagues and senior authors and illustrators, it’s been a rather comfortable learning pace. I am amazed at how much I’ve had the chance to pick up in just the 1 and a half years that I’ve been with Etteplan – the wide range of clientele, products and machines, the different softwares, the STE style of writing, the different tasks that come with each project. Never a dull moment! It’s definitely not a monotonous job and I like that. The chance to interact with clients and see things from their perspective challenges you to be creative and meet their needs without compromising on the quality of the documents.

Support and encouragement from my colleagues

It’s also nice that you get to work as a team, in collaboration with illustrators and other authors. Their skills and expertise come in handy when you feel like you’ve reached a dead end. On a more personal level, family is extremely important to me, and so it’s important that work does not come in the way of family time. Etteplan suits me well that way. The work timings are sensible and also flexible when and where necessary. Support and encouragement have never been lacking, both from colleagues as well as superiors. Most colleagues that I’ve had the chance to work with closely have also become really good friends, looking out for me and helping me integrate more easily into the Dutch lifestyle. Overall, I’d say I’m a happy camper!