Software solutions by Etteplan MORE

At Etteplan MORE we create and manage lovingly crafted digital services that enhance your business and open new exciting possibilities. Our solutions support your business, starting from the very first spark of inspiration, all the way to the careful management of your critical systems. Our extensive experience has given us an exceptional cross-domain viewpoint: we have in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing industry, retail business, payment solutions, logistics and transportation services, to name a few. We believe in innovation and exploration, which makes us fast and curious learners.

Digital apps & services

Digital apps & services offer unlimited possibilities for developing and enhancing business. Partnership is at the core of what we do – we want to understand what the customer needs and create effective apps to support that need. Our approach is always user driven, whether it’s an app that is destined for the end user’s hands or as a tool for a professional user. Our solutions make use of the latest proven technology.


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Insight-driver solutions

Our business-driven analytics solutions are tailored to your strategic targets, existing systems and industry standards. Our goal is to evolve your business using data obtained through analytics – smart analytics enable better value creation for your various stakeholders, not to mention open up entirely new business opportunities.

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Business Critical Solutions

No luck in finding a store-bought system to support your business? We can tailor an entirely new system that perfectly meets your unique needs or we can customize an existing system to better suit your business. We will also gladly take over your existing systems for further development and maintenance. Read more about our application management services.

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Application Management

Let us take care of your critical applications so that you can focus on your core business. A digital application is not a project that ends with the launch of the first version. Systems need continuous support, management and a development roadmap to maintain the competitiveness of the applications. Application management plays an important role in terms of ensuring a system’s operation, and our team of experts will look after your system for its entire life cycle, even 24/7 if necessary. 


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Excellence Services

All our projects include excellence services that ensure a high level of software and service quality. In the needs-charting process, we map out the needs and demands that your business places on our excellence services. Our excellence services can also be purchased separately, as needed.

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