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Peter Herdenborg: Enabling growth through challenges

Peter Herdenborg is a Senior Software Engineer working in the newly started Stockholm department of Cloud and Applications Business Unit (CABU). He has been with Etteplan for about six months now, after most recently having worked as a Full Stack Developer for a major Swedish weather service.

”I really liked my previous position, but after a few years there I started longing for something that would challenge me a bit more and give me more opportunities to grow professionally."

"Etteplan, with its diverse set of customers and with its focus on allowing the employees to shape their careers, seemed like the perfect place to be.”

Peter had two different customers and assignments waiting for him when he joined, so initially there was lots to learn. ”It was a bit like starting three new jobs at once, both at Etteplan and at the two clients," Peter remembers with a smile. ”It was not a bad thing though, because both at Etteplan and in the projects I felt very welcomed and taken care of, and it was nice to be busy from the get-go. Also, both projects involved technology that was not really my expertise, so I immediately felt that my desire for learning new things was fulfilled.”

One of the things Peter likes about Etteplan is the atmosphere. The people, including the management, are relaxed, friendly and helpful while at the same time striving to deliver according to the highest standards. The opportunities for learning and knowledge sharing reach further than the different competence groups that you can choose to engage with depending on your interests. In chat rooms you can ask your colleagues for opinions or support, and there are regular talks arranged where someone volunteers to share their knowledge about some particular area of expertise.

Peter enjoys working on his customer projects, and he feels he gets to influence the direction and make a valuable contribution in both. In the future, he also hopes to get the opportunity to work closer with his colleagues in Etteplan, either in larger on-site customer projects or in in-house projects. Career-wise he doesn’t have a clear plan yet, still being relatively new at the company, but he’s excited for Etteplan’s career development model and the diverse opportunities that exist within the company.

In his free time, Peter likes to exercise and be outdoors. He joined a cycling club last fall and a few weeks ago he signed up to do the ”Vätternrundan” race with the club. It’s a 315 km long race around Lake Vättern taking place in June, and is considered one of the ”classic” endurance events in Sweden. ”It’s a great feeling riding in a tight bunch. You work hard up front for a minute or so and then you save energy slipstreaming behind the others for a while. It’s a nice mix of speed, coordination and cooperation.” At the same time, he’s eagerly waiting for the spring to arrive more fully so he gets a chance to take his new mountain bike out for a spin in the woods close to the suburb Kärrtorp, where he lives with his fiancée and their three daughters.