Operating environment

Renewal of existing operating models or creating new

Digitalization changes our operating environment and the entire engineering industry. Improving competitiveness often means the renewal of our customers’ existing operating models. Our customers develop their operations by focusing on their core business, customer cooperation and harmonizing their operating practices. They seek ways to outsource non-core business functions while reducing the number of partners they work with and engaging in closer cooperation with their selected partners.

Our service offering and the know-how of our personnel support the renewal of the customer’s business.


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Digitalization is transforming
manufacturing processes 


Digitalization is the most significant factor that is transforming our business environment and the engineering industry while providing opportunities for growth and development for players like Etteplan. 

Digitalization is expected to revolutionize production processes and products in the manufactur-ing industries. Intelligent and connected production processes increase efficiency and enable new business and revenue models for traditional industrial companies. In practice, this is a new area of engineering that combines in-depth equipment know-how and technology expertise. The courage to invest and take advantage of the opportunities of IoT varies by industry. 


New paths in service-based business

Machinery and equipment manufacturers may find new paths to growth in service-based business by analyzing and leveraging data accumulated from machinery and equipment. Digitalization can, for example, lead to a better understanding of how machines are used, increase their capacity and change their technical attributes. 

The availability of top experts is affecting industry development


According to various sources, Germany will have a shortage of 250,000 engineers in 2020. There is also extremely intense competition for highly competent experts in engineering and digi-talization in many other countries. 

The availability of competent professionals is an important factor for ensuring profitability and business continuity. Companies in the engineering services industry are competing for the same experts as machinery and equipment manufacturers. Key success factors in attracting highly competent professionals include, for example, the employee’s development opportunities and well-being at work.


Strategia Etteplan

Cztery podstawowe elementy strategii Etteplan

Cztery podstawowe elementy naszej strategii to większa koncentracja na klientach, rozwiązania w zakresie obsługi, One Etteplan i metody inżynierii. Dowiedz się więcej

Przewaga konkurencyjna

Nasz model biznesowy opiera się na usługach zarządzanych. Usługi zarządzane to łączone w pakiety rozwiązania w postaci produktów. Dzięki nim zamiast pozyskiwania tymczasowych pracowników czy godzin pracy klient otrzymuje wyniki. Dowiedz się więcej

Wizja i wartości

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Board of Directors & Management (English)

Operating environment (English)

Digitalization changes our operating environment and the entire engineering industry. Improving competitiveness often means the renewal of our customers’ existing operating models. Our service offering and the know-how of our personnel support the renewal of the customer’s business.


Już od 30 lat firma Etteplan wyznacza standardy w dziedzinie projektowania. Przedsiębiorstwo jest pionierem w tworzeniu metod i projektów technicznych, jak również nowych modeli biznesowych.

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Corporate responsibility (English)

At Etteplan, corporate responsibility is at the core of our day-to-day business as we design hundreds of sustainable solutions for the world’s leading machinery and equipment manufacturers every year. Our highly skilled personnel play a crucial role in fulfilling our customer promise.

Financial responsibility

Profitability is a basic precondition for responsible business. Etteplan’s revenue and operating profit continued to grow in 2017. Revenue grew by 16.8 per cent to EUR 214.8 (183.9) million. Our operating profit was EUR 15.5 (10.1) million. We pay taxes on our profits in all of the countries we operate in. Etteplan’s operations have significant economic impacts on many different stakeholders arising from the taxes, wages, dividends and financial expenses that we pay. Dowiedz się więcej

Personnel and social responsibility

Personnel and leadership development, providing career opportunities and treating employees equally are at the core of Etteplan’s human resource management. Etteplan’s Code of Conduct is the foundation of the company’s human resource management. Dowiedz się więcej

Environmental responsibility

The day-to-day work of Etteplan’s environmental management is based on the standards specified in the ISO 14001 environmental system. The goals of our environmental policy include minimizing the environmental impacts of our own operations, training our personnel to recognize the environmental impacts of their work, and helping our partners observe responsibility in environmental matters. Dowiedz się więcej

Responding to stakeholder expectations

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Corporate responsibility reporting

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Code of conduct

Etteplan acknowledges the importance of proper business conduct and good  reputation being in its long-term interest as these create loyalty and trust in employees, shareholders, other stakeholders and the communities in which Etteplan operates. This is why we have written this Code of Conduct (“the Code”). The purpose of the Code is to present and communicate our common set of ethical values and business principles to all employees and stakeholders as well as to give internal guidance in our daily business. Etteplan encourages its suppliers and other business partners within its sphere of influence to adopt the principles of this Code. Dowiedz się więcej