Etteplan - Fastems' software development partner

Fastems is a provider of intelligent factory automation solutions. Etteplan is Fastems’ software development services partner in designing, developing, software testing and implementing the control systems of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). Thanks to the long-standing partnership, Etteplan’s employees have in-depth knowledge of Fastems’ operating environment.

Broad knowledge of numerous technologies

Tailored factory automation systems demand expertise in both modern and older technologies. Etteplan’s experts also take care of the commissioning of factory automation systems around the world.

Diverse software testing ensures quality

An important element of the collaboration is developing and bringing to light Fastems’ software testing practices and processes, for instance, through reporting.

Numerous projects are underway at the same time. The test automation processes have been developed such that Etteplan’s software testers can simultaneously serve several different projects quickly and efficiently. In practice, this means, for instance, building test automation parameters that can be easily modified for each project. The cost savings are substantial, as the entire test automation does not need to be built separately for each project. 

Manual software testing is also required to ensure compliance with customer specifications and the internal operation of the system in tailored factory automation systems. Etteplan thus also carries out various types of acceptance testing and integration testing at different stages of the commissioning project. During the development work, acceptance testing on subsystems is carried out when connecting hardware and software modules that have been implemented separately. Finally, to wrap up the commissioning, the entire system is tested before the project is approved. Diverse software testing ensures the project’s success, as well as quality and smooth commissioning.

Long-term partnership has increased shared knowledge

Over the years, Etteplan’s team has learned Fastems’ way of working and their needs very well. The partnership started in spring 2013 with Eatech Oy and continued when the company’s name was changed to Etteplan at the start of 2019. “Learning and experience are an important part of the partnership,” says Fastems’ Vice President of Software Supply, Jouni Peltonen. Both sides have been very pleased with the partnership. “Etteplan is a very competent firm that understands what is needed in this business,” Peltonen sums up. 

“It is precisely the long-term nature of our partnership that guarantees smooth cooperation. We have been able to keep the same people in our operations for a long time, so we have learned a lot working together,” he adds. 

Fastems Oy Ab provides intelligent factory automation solutions that help metalworking manufacturers optimize their productivity. Founded in 1901, the company is also known for robot-based automation solutions, software for production control, portal and gantry systems, and a comprehensive range of services. Fastems has delivered more than 4,000 installed systems to the company’s main markets in Europe, North America and Asia. For more information, visit

“We have implemented numerous extensive and demanding automation software projects together with Etteplan. In every project, our collaboration has been smooth and successful. Based on our experience, Etteplan's experts are competent, efficient and independent – I recommend them,” says Head of SW Delivery Jani Nietula of Fastems.

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