John Deere

John Deere Forestry began its operations in Finland in 2000 and currently has some 700 employees in Tampere and Joensuu. The company is part of the global Deere & Company Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural, construction and forestry machinery. The company’s headquarters for wheeled cut-to-length (WCTL) machinery are located in Tampere, and the Joensuu plant produces large volumes of WCTL forest machines annually.

First-class technical documentation


John Deere Forestry and Etteplan have been engaged in engineering cooperation since the mid-90s. The cooperation expanded in 2006, with Forestry outsourcing its technical documentation to Etteplan. Currently, cooperation in technical documentation focuses on the production and maintenance of instruction and spare parts manuals for Forestry’s machinery.

The employees who transferred from John Deere Forestry to Etteplan contribute to the smooth cooperation with their extensive experience in forestry machinery documentation. Outsourcing the function was a way to ensure that Forestry would continue to benefit from the employees’ solid forestry machinery expertise.

"The benefit we gain from our cooperation with Etteplan is end-customer satisfaction, resulting, among other things, from transparency, trust and punctuality. As far as I’m concerned, our cooperation has exceeded expectations.”

Tommi Ekman, General Manager, Marketing and Order Fulfilment, John Deere Forestry

“Etteplan operates highly independently and is committed to our shared goals and to continuously developing our cooperation. This is very important to us, as the cooperation approach enables both parties to develop and improve their operations,” says Tommi Ekman.


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Top-level expertise


Etteplan participated in the Achieving Excellence program targeted at John Deere’s suppliers, with the objective of creating supplier relationships where the suppliers evolve towards excellence, using the targets and standards set by John Deere as their signposts. John Deere assesses various aspects of the suppliers’ performance: quality of work, deliveries, technical support, business relationships and cost management. Based on the assessment, suppliers are rated into one of four categories. Etteplan reached the highest Partner level rating for five years in a row and was thus elected to the John Deere Achieving Excellence Hall of Fame.


“Election to the Hall of Fame requires a lot from the suppliers: they must clearly exceed the performance standards set by us, which as such stands as proof that they are world-class suppliers. The recognition clearly shows that Etteplan is a great partner whose input is significant for both John Deere and our end customers.”


Tommi Ekman, General Manager, Marketing and Order Fulfilment from John Deere Forestry

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