Rollock Smart Lock

There are security and usability problems related to traditional locks. For instance, losing a key may at worst result in an expensive re-engraving. There are a variety of electronic locking systems on the market which possess inadequate security.

”When opened, the rotating bolt of the Rollock lock is withdrawn into the body of the lock. This makes the door tight, quiet and almost silent. Based on our patented locking mechanism, we decided to develop a digital environment fulfilling even the most severe security requirements, for managing doors, electronic keys and access rights in a user-friendly way”, tells Petteri Karjalainen, the CEO of Rollock Ltd.

The goals were achieved.

”We have received positive feedback from the users, condominiums, experts, property managers and other real estate management professionals”, states Petteri Karjalainen proudly.

Rollock Smart Lock combines several essential features making the system unique worldwide.

”Firstly, the information security is top class. This was ensured by Finnish top experts on information security. The usage is smooth. Locks, rights and the system are managed in real-time using cloud services and mobile applications. Also, access control information can be uploaded into the cloud in real-time.  Additionally, the system can be integrated with other personnel and real estate management applications. Rollock Smart Lock is applicable to apartment buildings, office buildings, detached houses and many types of locking service, where only the imagination is the limit”, lists Petteri Karjalainen satisfied.

”We wanted to get the best possible implementation of our next generation smart lock electronics and software. We ended up designing and implementing the system together with Etteplan’s experts”, tells Petteri Karjalainen.

Top Information Security

”We sketched the system architecture and requirements for the electronics and the software, based on the requirements”, tells Software Architect Erkki Häkkinen from Etteplan’s Digitalisation unit. He is responsible for the Rollock Smart Lock system architecture and cloud implementation.

The lock system must be bulletproof, reliable and safe. It needs to tolerate e.g. security attacks, sabotage and interference. Easy installation and usage require wireless radio connections. In other words, the messages are easily accessible to third parties and so forth.

”Security, and especially information security, were deemed the most essential challenge for the project from the very beginning. We turned to the leading experts on information security already in the architecture design phase”, says Erkki Häkkinen.

Auditors and coaches, independent of Etteplan’s own team, proved to be extremely useful. Thanks to them, we were able to ensure reliable and secure implementation of the system in every phase of the development work”, confesses Erkki Häkkinen.

One-of-a-Kind Usability

To guarantee an easy installation, wiring is applied only within the doorframe, not at all within the door itself. This is another differentiation item for Rollock Smart Lock. The door electronics gets its power from the doorframe through induction.

Smart lock is opened wirelessly, using an NFC near field key or an electronic key stored in a smart phone. The keys and the access rights are managed using a visual cloud service providing the information to all the locks in real time. Information about a new key, a change, or a key cancellation is passed on to the lock right away. Keys can also be defined locally, without a cloud connection.

The lock and its software simply must work in all circumstances. The correct authorization needs to open the lock immediately. The resident can not stay there waiting!

”Luckily, these kind of requirements are familiar to us from many industrial projects. Still, we accepted the task with a humble mind. The product has undergone thorough tests”, tells Erkki Häkkinen.

Happy Users, Happy Customer

”This is exactly what the property managers and residents want and need. There is no doubt that Rollock Smart Locks are worth selecting, instead of the traditional ones”, boasts Petteri Karjalainen.

”Etteplan’s role in developing the electronic part of the Rollock Smart Lock was significant. Etteplan took also care of the EMC tests and the certification tests essential within the locking industry. Etteplan also assisted in ramping-up the production, by implementing the necessary test systems. All this speeded up the product development and its market launch essentially”, thanks Petteri Karjalainen.

“We are very satisfied with Etteplan’s services and know-how, which covered the most essential parts of the project”

Petteri Karjalainen, CEO, Rollock

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