State of the art software regression testing solution for Satel

Satel is world’s leading expert and innovator in independent radio networking technology. They develop and sell high quality private radio technology solutions that enable secure, mission-critical connections. They also offer network design and technical support, and have a global distributor network. The company’s history extends to year 1986.

NETCO is an intuitive and user-friendly network configuration and monitoring software for Satel radio products. It is designed to make configuration as easy as possible. With NETCO, a fully functional communication network can be configured in a few simple steps.

Route to test automation

Satel and Etteplan cooperation had started already in 2016. Two years later Satel was focusing on ensuring the high quality of SATEL NETCO application, which was continuously developed to deliver best possible software for the end-users. NETCO is used by professionals who build and maintain communication networks enabled by Satel. The frequent new releases of course required testing, posing challenges from cost and test volume points of view when handled manually. Therefore, Satel evaluated Quality Assurance (QA) partners who would be able to support them with Test Automation needs and requirements as the only option was to move towards regression test automation.

Etteplan became Satel’s test automation partner due to our extensive expertise and also our knowledge of both QA and DevOps. We were able to design and create the regression test environment from scratch. We had the unique opportunity to start with a blank page, assess the situation and have a dialog with Satel while going through our recommendations.

We went for a step by step approach using existing manual testing scenarios as the starting point. However, the main goal was to build Continuous Integration Environment for Test Automation, covering the key functionalities of SATEL NETCO web application.

'With the help of Etteplan, we increased release stability and improved the delivery time of new NETCO versions to our customers. We are very pleased with our cooperation with Etteplan'.

Petri Reiman, Manager, Test Systems at Satel

Bespoke test environment for Satel’s needs

The first instance of the Continuous Integration Test Environment was built and hosted on Etteplan premises with a dedicated server with Jenkins managing the whole regression. Each new application build triggered the regression execution. In parallel, we addressed topics such as versioning and storage of test cases, official test report and regression execution process. By mid-2019, we had reached satisfactory coverage level and moved to a stabilization phase.

The natural move was then to consider migrating the regression environment to the Cloud and, after a thorough evaluation, Azure was chosen as the best provider. At the beginning of 2020, we launched the migration project and designed a cost effective the solution. After a smooth handover between the two environments, we continue to maintain the regression test automation cloud environment and suggest enhancements to the test scenarios.

As a result, Satel now has a state of the art regression test automation environment. They are able to make rapid and reliable sanity checks of the latest application releases and provide quality software for the end users.


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