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Automation and Robotics

Etteplan’s automation engineering competence covers machine, process, plant, vehicular and transportation automation, as well as traffic control and tunnel automation systems. We have developed automation solutions, for example, for the virtual commissioning and simulation of machinery, production lines and processes. Our customers also rely on Etteplan’s competence in high-performance remote-controlled automation system engineering. At the core of Etteplan’s automation engineering know-how is machine and process control, as well as robotics applications and simulations. 

Key Benefits
Short lead times

Our experts are proficient in the latest automation systems, from various programmable logic controller systems (PLC) to distributed control systems (DCS) and quality control systems (QCS). Our instrumentation and automation engineering services include the design of manufacturing control systems, and process and field instrumentation. We also offer installation supervision and commissioning services. 

We have designed and implemented several robotics and production line solutions to increase the scalability and quality of the manufacturing process. 

Our services in virtual commissioning 

Testing highly automated production lines and control systems prior to commissioning without proper simulation often leads to costly corrective design configurations and, in turn, delayed launch schedules. 

We design virtual commissioning models for our customers’ industrial machinery to ensure the proper and safe functioning of machines and production lines before they are actually commissioned. Virtual commissioning helps shorten planning and commissioning lead times and save costs. Watch the video for an example of a virtual commissioning model. 

Our customers in automation include Outotec, Valmet, Wärtsilä, Nordkalk, Pilkington, Nextrom and the wastewater plant of the City of Mariehamn.


Our customers: Automation and Robotics

Machine automation engineering services 

Etteplan offers industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers a full range of engineering services for developing and manufacturing machines and equipment. Our solutions meet the strictest safety requirements and are developed using the latest tools and technologies. Thanks to the modular structure of the software, machinery and equipment designed by Etteplan, the components can be easily reused, making it a cost-effective solution for the customer. Our expert services include control systems, software and electrical engineering, testing, assembly supervision and commissioning services. 

Process automation engineering services 

Etteplan’s process automation services help customers maintain the high performance and productivity of their industrial processes. We are a one-stop-shop for our customers, providing comprehensive turnkey services that can include electrical and automation system design, electrical engineering, software development, commissioning and project management. 

Our extensive knowledge in engineering design is supported by in-depth competence in the latest automation systems, such as DCS (distributed control systems) and QCS (quality control systems). 

Our instrumentation and automation services include the design of manufacturing execution systems, process and field instrumentation, as well as process automation software design. We also provide supervision and commissioning services, as well as factory and system acceptance testing services. 

Plant automation engineering services 

Etteplan is a leading expert in the field of industrial robotics used in automated production cells and production lines. We are also experts in designing other automation solutions for the production lines of the manufacturing industry. 

We can provide automation services for the entire production line according to the highest functional safety requirements. Our expert services include control systems, software and electrical engineering, testing, assembly supervision and commissioning services. 

Automation engineering services for the vehicle and transportation industry 

Etteplan has in-depth expertise in designing and programming automation systems for the vehicle and transportation industry in accordance with the highest safety, productivity, environmental and cost-effectiveness requirements. 

Etteplan’s knowledge of functional safety methods can be seen in numerous high-performance and safety-critical products, including trains and other transportation vehicles. 

Engineering services for traffic control and tunnel automation systems 

Etteplan designs traffic control systems and tunnel automation systems, which may include solutions for variable speed limit signs, indicator boards, traffic lights and road barriers, as well as control room solutions. We also design advanced control systems for tunnel lighting, ventilation and smoke venting. 

Our services in traffic control and tunnel automation range from feasibility studies and specifications to detail engineering and commissioning services. Etteplan’s comprehensive engineering design services comprise electrical, software and data communications solutions. 

One of Etteplan’s reference projects in the area of tunnel automation systems is the design of the 7 tunnels that are part of the E18 Muurla-Lohja motorway for the Finnish Road Administration

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