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There is typically a huge amount of supporting product information behind every actual product. For example, technical specifications, user manuals, price lists, tutorials and troubleshooting hints. The challenge is to manage this vast quantity of information and make it available to the right users. Etteplan can help you manage your product information.

Key Benefits
Increased user satisfaction
Information can be reused many times
Cost savings
Information updates only in one place
Improved efficiency

Companies must manage thousands or millions of pieces of product information for each of their products. Without product information management tools, no-one can keep track of or find anything easily. Conversely, with cutting-edge product information management tools, you can find the right version of the appropriate product information with ease.

Information that is easy to find is also easy to re-use. Every time information is re-used, it does not have to be (re)written or (re)translated, resulting in huge cost savings. The fewer pieces of information there are to manage the better. That way it is easier to apply and ensure a uniform and consistent style across all information.

Product information management is not just about storing information and tracking attributes. Typically each piece of information is only visible to persons or groups with the correct access rights. This adds a layer of complexity to ensure that confidential or restricted information stays that way.

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Meanwhile, access to general information must not be over-zealously controlled such that it impedes normal proper usage. Similarly, different people have different rights to store, delete or modify information.

Etteplan can offer our own product information management tools, or we can develop tools for you. We recognize that information must be managed and stored in a secure way, along with all of the version history, throughout the whole product lifecycle.


We offer the following services to support product information management:

  • Delivery platform development and content management.
  • Translation and localization.
  • Expertise with DITA and structured documentation, enabling controlled re-use of information.
  • Simplified Technical English, to ensure a uniform writing style for all information.
  • Simplified Technical Illustration, increasing the possibility for images to be re-used.


Information Management: Downloads

The New Digital Era of Technical Information - white paper

White paper | PDF | 10.69 MB

Outsourcing of technical information - Husqvarna case study

Case study | PDF | 3.05 MB

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