Etteplan DRAW service, the cost efficient conversion and technical documentation service

Etteplan DRAW

Etteplan DRAW accommodates all needs for the production of manufacturing and engineering drawings in the R&D, order-to-delivery, and the service processes.

Key Benefits
Cost efficiency thanks to validated offshoring process​
Managed service​ based on trained team and standardized process​
​Short lead time due to local service contact, efficient methods, and tools​
Continuous improvement of processes and methods

Digitalization of asset drawings​

In a plant environment, physical assets often have a long lifecycle. This may cause a situation where the documentation is partly in a paper format, spread among various uncontrolled archives, and partly digitized.​

As-built-drawings for customer delivery​

Especially in as-built information there is often need for improvements. As-built or red-pen drawings show how the project has been built and what changes have been made to the original drawings during the construction process. These changes may include, for example, modifications, shop drawing changes, design changes, extra work, and changes approved and made during construction

Drawings for maintenance and spares

​Change needs to the original drawings may also be caused by smaller upgrades and corrective maintenance activities. Accurate as-built information is crucial for ensuring that your plant’s documentation is always up-to-date and reflects the reality.

We support customers with continuous services, with one-off development projects, and consulting services.​

Etteplan DRAW accommodates all your needs for the production of manufacturing and engineering drawings in product development, order-to-delivery engineering, and product service processes.​


Achieve savings, shorter lead time, and improved quality of engineering drawings

When Etteplan DRAW is delivered to you as a Managed service we continuously improve the processes and methods of producing manufacturing and engineering drawings. As a result, the engineering quality of your drawings will improve and the lead time of your engineering design process will shorten.

The service also provides considerable cost savings thanks to Etteplan’s offshoring services in China.


Jyri Pirttimäki

Jyri Pirttimäki

Director, Global Service Solutions, Engineering Solutions
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