R&D Testing and Validation

80 percent of the flaws in products occur during product development and 20 percent during production. This makes testing and design for testability important already during the product development stage. Etteplan's R&D Testing and Validation services help product development become faster and of higher quality, resulting in more production friendly products.

Getting testing right

Close to half the time spent on product development is used to test whether the device works in the desired manner and that it fulfills the specifications set for it. This is an important stage and makes financial sense, as the later any flaws in a product development project are found, the costlier it will be for the company – not to mention the harm that may be caused to the company’s reputation if a flaw appears only when the device is already in the hands of the end customer.

Our expertise covers:

  • Testing automation
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • DevOps
  • Jenkins
  • Robot Framework
  • Thermal testing
  • EMC testing
  • Quality assurance


Services for big and small

For small or medium-sized companies or startups,  product development process often does not advance in step with the company’s growth. Or their product testing might be taking too long and the product is not making it to production fast enough to make money for the company. Etteplan helps in evaluating the company’s testing and software development process, identify bottlenecks and propose corrective measures.

In case of large companies with highly developed processes and who need help with only some areas of a product development project, we offer software and hardware expertise in embedded systems and production know-how under the same roof, and we have in-depth knowledge of all stages of product development projects.



R&D Testing and Validation: Downloads

Quality Assurance - Guidebook

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