Application management

We manage your critical applications. You can focus on your core business.


After launching business critical applications they need continuous support and maintenance. In case of an application or system failure, the root causes need to be identified and fixed instantly in order not to endanger customer satisfaction and revenue.

Etteplan’s Application Management Service secures the operations of your application at all times during the system’s entire lifecycle. Our service packages are flexible and range from 24/7 on-call duty and proactive maintenance services to further development of the application. By entrusting your application management to Etteplan you can focus on your core business. Read how we help Neste and Posti manage their business critical applications.

Etteplan has a proven and efficient process to take over your application management duties. We make sure that the transition process is smooth without disturbance on your business processes. We provide application management services in four areas:



Knowledge Transfer

We evaluate your application and design the best possible service model for maintaining your system. We provide consulting for your system’s maintainability and support you in the transition from system development to on-going management. We also help you identify the application management tasks and prepare the necessary technical documents and instructions for efficient maintenance operations.

Help Desk 2 - Etteplan takes care of your application’s performance

HD2 service provides you with technical system maintenance and proactive maintenance services. Our help desk can provide service 24/7 if needed. In the Help Desk 2 service you can rely on Etteplan taking care of the performance of your application. You can focus on your core business.

The service is always tailored to your needs.

Help Desk 3 - Deep understanding of code

Need small-scale fixes or further development of your application? A problem that requires changes in the code? Help Desk 3 service accounts for the code-based maintenance of your system, and supports numerous technologies.

When entrusting the code development to Etteplan the life span of your system will increase. We are experts at integrating new business critical features and changes to existing code. Reliability, cost-efficiency and quickness go without saying.

Roll out – maintaining your software and hardware for maximum application performance


Etteplan carries out software and hardware updates of large-scale systems. We implement cost-efficiently updates in customer’s geographically dispersed networks as remote work or as fieldwork when needed. We focus on the technical details of your system, so that you don’t have to.

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“With the help of good communication, a trustful relationship and skilled mobile app developers,  Etteplan helped us deliver to our customer on time”, Petter Östlund, VP Products Payair.


Etteplan MORE implemented a mobile app for Neste that includes mobile refuelling, as well as a wide range of opportunities for customer marketing. Potential users of the application, which was released for iPhone and Android, are all the Finns traveling by car.


Etteplan MORE is Posti’s collaboration partner in charge of the maintenance of Posti’s parcel lockers. Etteplan MORE also participates in the development of the parcel locker system. The Continuous Services unit of Etteplan MORE carried out the modernisation of Posti’s parcel locker equipment and the implementation of the new software during autumn 2017. The work covered all parcel lockers in Finland.

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Tero Kivistö
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