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Your solution for asset information management

Watch how Etteplan AIM can help you bring order to your documentation process!

Do you know where your important documents are stored? Is your information accurate and up-to-date? Have you protected your legacy data and intellectual property (IP)? Does the information you have facilitate effective planning? Do you even know who's in charge of all this?

Not to worry! With Etteplan AIM you’ll soon have it all under control. 


Etteplan AIM helps manage and coordinate asset information, improve efficiency, and cut project and lifecycle costs, ensuring the success of your investment projects and maintenance operations. It helps reduce downtime and compliance risk, maximize capacity, and lower operating, engineering, and design costs. 

Etteplan’s dedicated team coordinates and manages all relevant asset information on your behalf, ensuring your data is always accurate and up-to-date. Etteplan AIM gives you immediate online access to the information you need, leaving you to focus on your job and making sure your goals are met.

Sharpen up your competitive edge 

By choosing Etteplan as your asset information partner, you can take advantage of our industry expertise, scalable solutions and managed services that help you sharpen up your competitive edge, boost your operational performance, focus on your core business, and manage market volatility.

Our customers


Our satisfied Etteplan AIM customers include Finavia, Outokumpu, Fortum Hydro Power and Technology and Fortum Heat.



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A massive modernization project is underway at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. In large investment projects, it is paramount that the engineers can work with up-to-date baseline data. Finavia chose Etteplan as its partner to make the technical documentation process even more reliable.

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