Etteplan INFO

We help you turn your documentation into a profit center

Etteplan INFO is a service where Etteplan will take full responsibility of your technical documentation function, including the creation, management and delivery, so you can focus on your core business.

The value of Etteplan INFO is based on cost efficiency and high-quality deliverables through improved methods, tooling and processes. The service ensures that technical documentation and related processes are professional, accurate and meet if not exceed the highest standards.

Customers that use Etteplan INFO receive valuable support and advise on how to increase productivity by renewing documentation practices and developing information strategies.

Etteplan INFO brings
cost savings

  • Shorter lead times in the production of documentation
  • Leaner processes for technical product information
  • Improved quality of materials
  • Standardized and harmonized content components that can be easily reused
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased efficiency in documentation management (e.g. updating and delivery)

Improved client satisfaction


  • Accurate and reliable content
  • Coherent visual look and feel across all technical product information
  • User-friendly manuals that ensure the correct use of equipment, improved safety and better customer support

Our customers


Customers like Husqvarna and Fortum trust us to fully handle their technical documentation needs.


Husqvarna is Etteplan's customerFortum is Etteplan's customer

“The simplification and harmonization of the process makes us faster, saves costs and improves quality. We are confident that we will quickly see concrete results.”

Daniel Hanngren, Director Communality, Technical Office, Husqvarna Group

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Fortum Heat and Fortum Hydro Power in Sweden have outsourced their technical documentation to Etteplan. High-quality technical documentation is key in Fortum’s business. Any flaws in technical documentation would be costly and harm our customers. We understand the need to develop our documentation tools and processes on a constant basis.

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Eric Tengstrand
Eric Tengstrand
Director, Global Service Solutions, Technical Documentation