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Application Development

At Etteplan, we create web applications, desktop applications and mobile applications with modern technologies. Our technical expertise ensures flexibility in our deliveries. We can meet your requirements for platforms or technologies.

Key Benefits
Expert partner for application development
Wide selection of technologies
Turnkey service delivery
Excellent user experience

User-centric applications to your business needs

Digital applications and services open-up new possibilities for businesses in terms of business models or operational excellence. But all work starts from the customer needs. The end-user is at the core of the application development be it for the consumers or serving as a tool for professionals.  

Applications for mobile, web or desktop

With our expertise, our team can build applications for any environment from mobile, web to desktop and anything in between. Together with the customer, we evaluate the business needs for the application and then determine the best implementation approach.

When delivering projects, we can take care of the complete development cycle from specifications to testing, not forgetting the security aspect. We also look at the complete software architecture, making sure the application fits in to your overall IT architecture. 

Whether it’s a mobile app, a web application, desktop application or other digital service, we guarantee that it will be created with users’ actual needs in mind.

Our specialty are digital solutions and services

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Our technical expertise ensures flexibility in our deliveries. You can let us know your requirements for platforms or technologies.

  • Web applications: single-page applications (SPA), Progressive Web, React, Angular, Vue.js
  • Desktop applications: Cross-platform, 3D, Electron, UWP, WPF, Qt, QML
  • Mobile applications (Android, iOS, Windows): Cross-platform, Mobile payments, React Native, Swift, Java, Xamarin, PWA 

The most common background systems that we work with are C#, F#, Java, Node.js, Python, microservices and serverless. But our talents cover a wide range of other technologies as well, in addition to having certified professionals for both Azure and AWS.  

To ensure a smooth project, we take care of the project management. We include analytics to ensure the application of user data as the basis of future development.

We implement platform-neutral applications and services for any context. You can freely tell us about your technology- or platform-related needs.

We can start with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and continue the development in sprints.

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