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Application Development for mobile, web and desktop

At Etteplan, we create web applications, desktop applications and mobile apps with modern technologies and agile development methods. Our technical expertise ensures flexibility in our deliveries. We can meet your requirements for platforms or technologies.

Key Benefits
Expert partner for app development
Wide selection of technologies
Turnkey service delivery
Excellent user experience

Smoother day-to-day living with digital services​ and app development

We help our customers boost the efficiency of their business and create new business opportunities through digitalization. Well-conceptualized and implemented digital services ensure that end users embrace the service in their day-to-day lives.  

Bringing convenience to daily life 

Digitalization is transforming society at a fast pace. Customers demand better services for a smoother day-to-day life, for example, through self-service solutions. We help our customers build services that make people’s daily lives easier.  

More efficient business 

The success of a company’s business requires a digital ecosystem to support it. A highly user-friendly digital service that has been built with the company’s needs and processes in mind boosts a company’s business.  

New business opportunities 

​Business is shifting to digital channels, and digitalization enables the construction of new business models. We help our customers create new business model concepts and visions. Our long-standing experience and broad industry expertise provide an excellent base for designing new services.  

Our specialty are digital solutions and services

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Our technical expertise ensures flexibility in our deliveries. You can let us know your requirements for platforms or technologies.

  • Service design and UX, visual design
  • Web applications: Single-page applications, React, Angular, Vue.js, Web Components
  • Desktop applications: Electron, UWP, WPF, Qt
  • Mobile apps (Android, iOS, Windows): React Native, Swift, Java, Xamarin, PWA
  • Background systems: C#, .NET, F#, Java, Scala, Node.js, Python, microservices, serverless
  • Software architecture design
  • Software testing and DevOps, test automation
  • Security
  • Cloud services: Azure, AWS
  • Analytics
  • Project management

We implement platform-neutral apps & services for any context. You can freely tell us about your technology- or platform-related needs. Whether it’s a mobile application, a web application, desktop application or other digital service, we guarantee that it will be created with users’ actual needs in mind.

Application Development for mobile, web and desktop: Downloads

The R&D manager in 2020, trends and demands forming the role

eBook | PDF | 5.15 MB

Digital self-service guide

Guide | PDF | 2.27 MB

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