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Do you want to boost your operations and make your services available to everyone? A well-executed mobile app brings service quality and flexibility to the next level and opens up new opportunities: mobile payment, real-time communications, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality functions, Bluetooth and NFC device pairing and video connections. Bringing mobile solutions and services to user's pockets make everyday functions straightforward and approachable.

Key Benefits
Scalable user interface solutions
Direct link to customers
Real-time service
Easy-to-use payment methods

Mobile solutions for your needs

How should you digitalize business, reach even more customers and offer more comprehensive service? Helping customers with these issues is our passion. We work with our customers to design mobile solutions for their needs and have already managed to deliver several innovative mobile solutions for our customers’ needs. You can read more about these in our list of reference projects. With modern mobile solutions we are able to make services easy to use and more accessible, and we can create completely new business models for our customers and consumers.

Mobile development: Practical solutions for people on the go

Why design new services for other platforms than mobile? When you approach design from a mobile app perspective, the solution is scalable to other platforms, and the user experience is seamless. You can reach your customers via push notifications, accept convenient mobile payments and make your service accessible globally. A mobile app is the most practical and broadest reaching solution whether you are charging an electric car, accepting incoming goods in a logistics centre or checking your domestic electricity consumption statistics. And mobile payment makes things easier in many situations. Whenever you’re on the move, a mobile solution is the number one choice. Let us take care of the mobile application development.  

How do you make your service mobile? Let us help you

We offer all mobile solutions using the technologies best suited to your needs, including React Native, Flutter, Swift/SwiftUI (iOS), Java/Kotlin (Android) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA). We have delivered mobile solutions to companies ranging in size from startups to international listed firms, and our solutions save people thousands of working hours every day. Many of our mobile solutions include mobile payment.

We are able to help our customers at every stage of development projects. In addition to design and mobile development work, our services include Application Lifecycle Management to secure the apps’ lifecycle. Get in touch: we’re happy to discuss more with you about your mobile application development needs.

Mobile solutions: Downloads

Digital self-service guide

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