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UX and Service Design

We figure out what is valuable for the user and make sure that the product makes sense. We innovate solutions that simply work.Together with our tech experts, we create meaningful and people-oriented digital experiences with empathy, business sense and eye for detail.

Key Benefits
Identification of new business needs and opportunities
Creation of validated concepts from initial ideas and vision
Ensured quality through cooperation between user and technical team
Improved customer satisfaction with meaningful digital experiences

Excellent user experience is the norm

Ever-changing world offers opportunities to improve business performance and customer experience via digital channels. Digital product can be a business-critical application or otherwise major contact point for customers to your business and brand. That underlines the importance of meaningful and delightful user experience.

There is no point in building a solution that does not help the users or the business, nor is there a point to design a solution that can not be implemented in real-life. It is important to understand technological possibilities, user needs and business requirements. From this viewpoint we design relevant digital solutions.

Solving the right problems is the key. For this reason, we believe in close co-operation with tech experts and customer, data-driven design using both – analytics and user insights – to create profitable services.


We help you whenever it comes to digital services and products. We help you with identifying new opportunities for your business to grow and validate your initial idea for new digital product and improve it with user and business insights. We can also evaluate the current state of user experience and help to design your product even better for users.

How we work?

The best user experience comes from understanding the problem, context and the needs of the business and users. That is why we believe in co-creating with customers to explore ideas and find the best solutions. We do interviews, prototyping workshops, visualizing all the way to pixel-perfect details. We test with real users and work together with development team to ensure the quality of your end product.

We provide end-to-end experiences. Our design services range from service design, user insight gathering and concept definition to polished user interface design. Together with other experts in Etteplan, we can create completely unique domain-specified solutions for your business and customers.

UX and Service Design: Downloads

Digital self-service guide

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