HyperDoc - Content Management System

More than content management

HyperDoc is our Content Management System, which allows us to efficiently create, manage, translate and publish content into multiple publication formats, making information easier to find, understand and use.

Thanks to XML, where we apply universal modularization methods and specifications including DITA or S1000D, the content is optimized for single sourcing and reuse. Next, the use of various templates allows for the content to be published in different publication formats, including PDF and HTML5 for mobile devices. Thanks to the modular approach, the content can be used for different purposes, including installation, operation and maintenance manuals, as well as for training purposes, also allowing content to be created for different target groups.

It's all about the content!

Content is created using Simplified Technical English (STE), our method for authoring, which results in clear, concise and consistent content. Illustrations are created and managed using our Simplified Technical Illustrations method, which results in up to 70% of reuse thanks to the simplification and application of structure to illustrations, which can also be made interactive.

Features & Benefits

  • Time and cost savings thanks to single sourcing, where content (including both text and illustrations) is created once for reuse.
  • Standardization on style and format, allowing for one ‘look & feel’ of all content.
  • Shorter time-to-market as the time to create, manage and publish content is considerably reduced.
  • Central storage of content, which makes it easier to manage and use for different target groups.
  • Time and cost savings for DTP in translations as this is handled automatically.
  • Version and configuration management, which allows for quick and easy access to different versions of a document.
  • Automated publication process.
  • Compliant with universal methods like DITA and S1000D, making it easier to exchange information between different systems and companies, and making your content future proof.
  • And much more.

Technology Partners

As we want to ensure you get the best possible deliverables, we have expertise to work with several systems, as well as implement any of them, based on your specific requirements.

Additional content management systems can be supported; we welcome you to discuss your specific needs with us.

  • TIM-RS by Fischer
  • DITA CMS by Ixiasoft
  • ST4 by Schema
  • R4i by Absolute Data Group (ADG / OneStrand)
  • CORENA Knowledge Center by Flatirons Jouve
  • Lattice by Lattice Technology
  • Documoto by Digabit
  • CATALOGCreator by TID
  • Docware by Docware
  • BlueTea for virtual reality

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ABB Finland’s Motors and Generators unit sought new efficiencies for its product catalogue creation process. To achieve this, the unit adopted Etteplan’s HyperDoc. As a result, the unit is now able to use its resources more efficiently and apply minor global changes to its catalogues with very little effort.

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