Technical Translations and Localization

Technical Translations and Localization

Need technical translations? Etteplan Translations translates your technical documents into all languages worldwide. Faster, safer, more efficient and at a better rate. From manuals, instructions for use and training materials to software files and websites. With Etteplan Translations you choose the specialist in technical translations. 

Key benefits
Native speakers with a technical background
Etteplan TRANSLATE management system guarantees security and competitive rates
Includes DTP and publication in Content Management System

Manage your translations with Etteplan TRANSLATE  

Need all your technical translations reliably in one place? Meet Etteplan TRANSLATE. A web-based application that allows you to organize your translation projects in a secure and user-friendly system. Less work, always an overview and at a competitive price. 

Our customers: Technical Translations and Localization

Etteplan TRANSLATE offers: 

  • Log in securely anywhere and anytime to your own Client Portal. 
  • Overview of all current and completed translation projects. 
  • Easy to manage, from quote request to delivery. 
  • Competitive rates through lean translation process. 
  • Consistent terminology. 

 Reuse of previous translations  

Translations on a regular basis? All your translations are stored in the Etteplan TRANSLATE database. Etteplan TRANSLATE's translation software automatically recognizes parts and sentences from previous texts and makes reuse possible. This ensures speed, efficiency and consistency in your translations as well as significant cost reduction over time. 

Why choose Etteplan Translations? 

  • Technology is in our DNA - as part of an international company, we know better than anyone that technical translations require professional knowledge. 
  • Native speakers with a technical background - for translation of your technical documentation Etteplan Translations has a wide network of specialized technical translators who understand your area of expertise. All translators are native speakers and know their language and culture. Complex technical matter? Our translators have an affinity with the specific subject matter in which you work. This ensures you always get the best translation for all your translation needs. 
  • Manage your translations with Etteplan TRANSLATE - with Etteplan TRANSLATE we provide you with a lean translation process. That makes it easier, more efficient, safer and cheaper for you. 
  • Competitive rates - the use of professional translation software leads to low overhead costs and guarantees you a quality translation at a competitive price. 
  • Consistent use of terminology - Etteplan uses translation software with which we build up a translation memory for your company. A consistent use of terminology and a terminology database ensures reliable translations. 
  • Knowledge of DTP & different file formats - any desired file format we translate for you. Do you need additional DTP work? We can do that for you.   
  • One-stop-shop, 24/7 availability, relieve you of your translation project burdens.  


…need a special translation? Specific software, user interfaces, training packages or video scripts? Contact us! 

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