Etteplan Production testers and test data management

Production Testers and Test Data Management

You can reach better quality and productivity with production testing. It ensures that the production process goes as planned and that the manufactured products meet the set requirements. Using the measurement data collected during testing, the production process can be made more efficient and the product itself even better. Our production testing solutions will help you achieve the results.

Key Benefits
EMS independent testing solution
Risk free, off-the-shelf test system
Cost savings due to increased production yield

Cost effective production testing solutions with Procket platform


At Etteplan, we provide turn-key production test solutions for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) and box-built end products. We create both custom made and platform based testers. Our Procket platform provides standardized and cost-efficient production test solutions for all kinds of products and manufacturing volumes. Procket family contains several options, which are optimized for certain types of products and/or certain production volume. 

By utilizing changeable product-specific test adapters or test cassettes, common instrumentation and measurement equipment can be utilized for several products, which lowers the investment cost. Both robustness and ease of maintenance are key in test system design, since the testers are often used from 10 to 20 years. Our testers are always well documented and we are able to deliver copy pieces of existing test systems at short notice.

Testing part of the product design phase

Testing and manufacturing should be taken into consideration already in the product design and development phase. Design For Testing (DFT) and Design For Manufacturing (DFM) are integral parts of our electronics design process. Proper DFT and DFM work ensures that the manufacturing of the product can be implemented efficiently and with reasonable investment. We also offer DFT/DFM consultancy as a service to any R&D organization. Our experienced DFT/DFM specialists will review the design and give valuable tips on how to improve testability and manufacturability of the product to achieve higher test coverage and use production investments efficiently.

Our customers: Production Testers and Test Data Management

Real-time monitoring with WATS

Wats data management tool

Test data management tool, WATS, enables real-time monitoring and analysis of the production KPIs. WATS is a test data management service that transforms test and repair data into actionable information, by providing easy access to yield, trends, statistical parameters and more - all in real time, through your browser. Any production test system can be easily connected to WATS. We have integrated WATS to several hundreds of test machines and helped our customers to improve production efficiency. Read more about WATS.

Our services for production testing cover:

  • For Testing (DFT) consultancy
  • For Manufacturing (DFM) consultancy
  • Strategy definition and creation of test specifications
  • Coverage analysis
  • Fixture and test system design
  • System manufacturing
  • System Analysis (MSA), Gage R&R analysis
  • Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
  • Commissioning, training and NPI support
  • Data management and analysis
  • System maintenance
  • Parts service

Our production testing expertise:

  • Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) testing
  • Testing (incl. EOL), safety testing
  • Inspection, machine vision
  • Upload, programming
  • Process Control (SPC)
  • LabVIEW, NI TestStand, certified experts
  • Boundary Scan, JFT

Etteplan is NI’s System integration Gold Partner, having a most recent understanding of NI’s hardware and software solutions. We represent ATX test fixtures in Finland and are a value-add partner for Virinco AS and we represent test data analysis and management tool WATS. We are also a partner of JTAG Technologies and authorized JTAG test application provider.


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