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Industrial Digitalization

The fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, has accelerated the transformation of conventional industries faster than anything before it. We are not the only expert or forum to believe that the rate of change will accelerate even more and that digitalization will introduce disruptive business models to various industries. Industry 4.0 is not likely to be a one-time revolution like the previous industrial revolutions; instead, it will kick-start ongoing transformation of existing business environments.

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Industrial Digitalization - Guidebook

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Industrial Digitalization - Guidebook

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Industrial Digitalization - Guidebook

Total partnership for industrial digitalization needs

We create sustainable, people-driven solutions that boost the efficiency of operations for various industrial segments. Our customers range from small and medium-sized businesses to large listed companies. They have one thing in common: the will to gain a competitive edge by various means and to be leaders in their industry.

We implement solutions to make processes more efficient, eliminate errors and increase operational transparency. Transparency and harnessing data to serve the company’s business are also parts of our core competence. We carry out both complete data platform projects, all the way from data sources to reporting tools, and focused implementations to further develop existing solutions.

Our broad scope of expertise enables us to serve our customers also in the design and implementation of various connectivity and integration solutions. We can get your device data to flow, from sensors to edge computing and cloud solutions or other systems in a secure way. All this can be accomplished even in difficult environments such as large mines and ports, underground facilities or structurally challenging environments.

  • Data and cloud solutions

Harness your business data and enrich it from external sources. Data solutions and other cloud solutions are securely available at all times without in-house server room and maintenance worries.

  • Operative systems

Manufacturing execution, processes for in-house logistics, maintenance systems and other operative solutions to make work easier and more efficient.

  • IoT, Edge computing and Digital Twin

Equipment, buildings, environments, almost anything can now be modelled digitally and harnessed for data acquisition. Edge computing enables new ways of creating connections between machinery and cloud solutions.

  • Integrations and connectivity

The precondition for intercommunication between systems and devices is a secure and reliable connection. We have an excellent command of various connectivity technologies, integrations and the surrounding cyber security.

Industry know-how and technological competence from a single source

We have supplied several industries with various dedicated solutions. The industry expertise we have accumulated merges seamlessly with the development of technology, where we always make sure to stay up to date. We are a certified partner of our cloud-computing partners (AWS and Azure), in addition to which we build up our expertise through training and by implementing software projects for consumer markets. This way we can be sure that we truly know our industry and can pick the best solutions for different needs – when a lifecycle of 15 years is required for a critical production process as well as when something needs to be tested quickly in the cloud.

Customer focus through future-proof technology choices

We approach our projects through the eyes of our partners. The project must serve its purpose and the goals need to be confirmed jointly with the customer. Accordingly, we start out most of our projects using various service design methodologies. Reviewing the goals jointly creates mutual agreement on the priorities and lays a solid foundation for building a solution that genuinely serves the needs of end-users.

Our selection criteria for technology solutions are that they are future-proof and smoothly enable future development. The ability to adapt to changing business needs without replacing the system is important for industrial users. We are an open partner; we don’t tie down our customers with heavy supplier commitments or license fees. We earn the trust of our customers every day thanks to our experts.

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Industrial Digitalization - Guidebook

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