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Etteplan has strong telecommunications industry domain knowledge and offers a wide range of connectivity solutions. Our services help you to focus on your core competence and business. Our connectivity creation services are designed to meet the unique requirements of your projects and range from utilization of off-the-shelf components to fully customized solutions.

Solid sector-specific expertise to support telecommunications projects

Etteplan’s telecom expertise covers technologies linked to 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks and mobile phones, digitalization solutions and developing interoperability solutions, which use several types of wireless technologies in the same device. When a project concerns a mobile phone or base station, for instance, we can take responsibility for certain parts of the project or complement the customer’s project with our expertise.

On top of connectivity creation services, Etteplan offers a wide range of supporting services, such as EMC, RF spectrum and antenna simulations and testing, environmental testing, failure analysis, quality assurance, compliance consultancy, EU market access, CE marking, production testing development and technical documentation. Etteplan has solid experience in testing the devices of telecommunications sector customers. We carry out electrical, mechanical and radio testing on products in our own test laboratory. Thanks to our expertise, you can be sure that the end product will meet all of the regulatory requirements and reach the markets quickly.

Companies such as Tellabs and Siemens have selected Etteplan as their partner to help them meet the demands created by service and maintenance digitalization. Several customers have outsourced their technical documentation and product development entirely to Etteplan.


Customers we have helped in telecom industry

NB-IoT-based platform for wireless data transfer

Etteplan has developed a data transfer platform that can be used to wirelessly transfer data from a device to a cloud service. Etteplan's platform for wireless data transfer offers a solution in cases where the manufacturer of a device wants to test whether Narrowband IoT technology can be applied to a product’s wireless connectivity in a cloud solution. NB IoT is a particularly interesting solution when it involves connecting a large number of devices to the cloud and the data volumes are low. 

LoRa offers reliable IoT solutions and strong data security

Etteplan owns one of LoRa Alliance’s authorized test houses. We have developed numerous LoRa devices and built and used public and private LoRa networks at various sites around Europe.