5 things that you need to know about private networks right now

Pioneer companies and organizations are now acquiring their own private networks based on mobile technology. Worldwide, millions of them will spring up in the near future – a billion-euro phenomenon. What is it all about?

Previously, mobile networks could be acquired and maintained only by a major public network operator. Private networks have become possible now due to the availability of small-sized and low-power base stations and core networks. In addition, radio frequencies have been assigned around the globe, intended specifically for the use of local private networks.

Private networks are currently based on LTE-generation mobile phone technology but can be upgraded to 5G. The network architecture is directly 5G compatible.

Private networks have begun to spring up also in Finland, for example, in mines, major industrial sites, ports and hospital campuses. There is interest in these applications because mobile technology resolves problems resulting from difficult conditions, while opening up valuable new business opportunities.

The benefits of private networks

In a nutshell, there are five main points that you need to know about private networks:

  1. Private networks meet the highest requirements for availability, reliability and security. The networks’ latency is very low and excellent coverage can be achieved at a moderate cost within a large area.
  2. The infrastructure of a private network is located entirely within the geographical area formed by the company or companies, and it is independent of the networks of public operators and immune to their disturbances.
  3. Private networks create novel opportunities, services and applications for business and can generate fast monetary benefits. They enable, for example, increased productivity, autonomous vehicles and remote condition monitoring.
  4. Private networks allow nearby companies to create a shared ecosystem network easily and cost-effectively, while ensuring security.
  5. Private networks are currently based on LTE mobile phone technology, but they will be immediately 5G ready with just a software update once performance-critical 5G standards are ready to go within a few years.

If you want to know more about private network technology and business opportunities in different sectors, be in contact with us.

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