5G network solutions are already a reality

While 5G has yet to break through, construction of network solutions based on 5G is already possible. 5G will bring about spectacular changes, enabling applications that have been impossible until now. While the large-scale breakthrough of the technology is yet to come, industrial private network solutions based on 5G can be implemented already today.

5G promises big things: the technology offers a huge data transmission band and data transfer with low energy consumption and almost non-existent latency. It will make entirely new kinds of IoT applications a reality in the next few years. A good example is medicine, where one of the wildest 5G-powered visions is telesurgery: if the operating theatre and the surgeon were in different places, say, during a crisis situation, the surgeon would be able to perform the operation remotely in a simulated virtual environment.

In applications such as telesurgery, latency requirements are extremely rigorous, as the delay cannot be more than milliseconds.

The same applies to, among other things, the data transfer on autonomous vehicles or when making quick adjustments to power grids. The delays must be infinitely small, almost non-existent – and 5G rises to the challenge.

In addition to speed, an increasing number of new applications also require a connection that is extremely reliable. 5G is a step ahead of the previous generations in information security, in ensuring service quality and in network availability. 5G guarantees that the information reaches its destination in the required format. A further advantage is that the information is available whenever it is needed.

5G network has huge potential

What makes 5G different from its predecessors is not only its technical characteristics, but also its users. Whereas 3G and 4G development was driven by phone operators and mobile devices, 5G focuses on IoT applications, and its core users include cities and factory environments, for example.

5G network enables technological revolutions in mobility, energy production, agriculture, retail – it has huge potential in practically any sector. Catering to the needs of such a broad spectrum of users, 5G is more comprehensive than its predecessors.

5G network in industrial environment

A 5G network particularly excels in industrial environments. The technology takes into account industry’s needs better than the previous generations and is able to handle numerous different use scenarios that can be found in an industrial environment. 5G improves the control of devices and the management of processes in industry, while also enabling better communication between machines.

Although the large-scale breakthrough of 5G is still on the horizon, local private LTE networks based on 5G architecture can be built in industry already today. An LTE system can later be transformed into a fully-fledged 5G system by simply updating its radio interface.

Demand for the solutions is growing exponentially worldwide: it has been estimated that up to half of the world’s largest industrial companies will utilize a private LTE network by the end of 2020.

With its expertise, Etteplan is responding to the growing demand. We offer industrial customers private LTE network solutions in close collaboration with technology company Nokia and our partner operator Ukkoverkot. Etteplan is strongly involved in this collaboration as an integrator, solution provider and device developer.

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