Formula Student in Linköping - Connecting, learning and racing!

For the fifth year in a row, Etteplan is supporting the students in the formula student association in Linköping. Their goal is to plan, develop and to build a racing car and to compete with other Universities around the world and to have fun along the way. In Linköping, they have a team of about 80 students from different programs: engineers, computer science, physics and economics to name a few. Something that they all have in common is their interest in building a car with a talented team.  

They get points for a business plan, cost and manufacturing, engineering design, acceleration, skid pad, autocross, endurance, and efficiency. This is where Etteplan comes in; the students get to use the composite laboratory and support from the experts at Etteplan with designing the parts and the development process.  

Simon Johansson, who now works at Etteplan as a Mechanical Design Engineer, was himself participating in the Student Formula project while studying. “I joined the team due to my bachelor’s thesis, but I soon found out that this was what engineering was really about - practicing problem solving on a real project! Etteplan likes to invest in future engineers and this project is a great way of doing it, we see that our commitment and support for the Formula Student team helps a large number of student gain experience in their respective fields.”  

What is Formula Student? 

Formula Student is a global racing car competition where not only the racing is important but also the planning, construction and sales. Drivability, durability and environmental perspective as well as safety and smart solutions are evaluated in the competitions. It started out small but expanded over time around the world with hundreds of teams participating in several competitions every year. 

The Formula Student is a broad experience for the students to experience and to work under certain conditions and expectations, just like they will in their future jobs. They also get to know the chain of working on a project from start to finish and to work together as a team - it is the whole package! 

Felix Asplund, Team Manager at Etteplan, sees participating as a clear win for the company. “Over the years, Etteplan has recruited many graduates with an experience from the project and these recruits have often been real elite from their year. Combining the theory learned at the university in a practical project greatly increases learning and we are happy support in achieving this goal.”  


You can follow the progress of the collaboration in Etteplan’s Instagram account @etteplan_official.  

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