Investing in the future – Training and Certification of Software Testers

As an organisation, Etteplan understands the value of our people. We are constantly involved in a wide variety of projects making it increasingly important for our experts to have up to date knowledge and competencies. Deriving from our values of customer orientation, proactiveness, and attractiveness, ensuring that our employees have the best tools available is of great importance.

One of our latest investments has been in offering our software testers the opportunity to attend a training course held by Tieturi and become certified by The International Software Qualifications Board (ISTQB).


Setting the Standard

“Our teams are involved in multiple projects at various levels, so one of our challenges is to find trainings and certifications that can benefit such a multifaceted team. Tieturi’s programme for the  ISTQB certification was the best solution”, says Mikko Lindström Director Software Testing and Cyber Security.

Etteplan arranged training for Foundation level and the Agile Tester level certifications with Tieturi.  In the world of consulting, our people are our business. To demonstrate our commitment to our people, our R&D includes training  and providing support for their development.

“I would say props for Etteplan, the training is beneficial for both the service offering itself, but also for the individuals. This certification is something that they can apply in any aspect of their work… the training itself gives the testers a much better opportunity” – Petri Säilynoja, Trainer at Tieturi.

Our teams also continue to grow therefore it’s important to ensure that we maintain a consistent level of competencies for all of our software testers.

“Even if you are a specialist in your current project, you need to make sure you have up to date knowledge also tomorrow and even next week” Mikko explains.


Ready for the Future

One emerging trend in software testing is the role of cyber security knowledge. We have cyber security specialists here at Etteplan, and have been providing a basic level of training in this area to all of our quality assurance software testers – yet another example of how we action the present and future needs of our customers.

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