At the spearhead of new technology – Etteplan’s hydraulic engineers are designing machines of the future

Hydraulic engineers Niklas Malmström and Ville Männistö are a part of a ten member group of hydraulics experts working with a variety of projects at Etteplan.

Recently, Ville has been working in a customer project with 18 other experts from different fields.

“We are currently developing a heavy-duty mobile machine for a customer which combines transmission, software, electrics, mechanics, and of course hydraulics engineering. The machine’s traction and hydraulics are both electrically powered, making it a really interesting project that requires a comprehensive understanding and learning new things is a daily occurrence.”

Niklas, a six-year employee of Etteplan, is working on an electrification project for a customer that requires a variety of expertise.

“We’re working with large diesel powered machines, with some of us designing new ones and some making maintenance updates to older ones. In hydraulics, the same thing can be thought of in many different ways which makes it so great. Experts with different backgrounds, views and experiences in the project team highlight this.“

Both engineers have found a supportive community at Etteplan

“At Etteplan, we have the ability to work in peace and independently. Remote working and self-direction enable this. However, you can always reach a supervisor and get help when you need it,” says Ville.

Niklas agrees, “It's nice to work when you can always get support. A big company like Etteplan, has expertise from a variety of fields so there’s always someone to ask for help. Etteplan's organization is built in a direction that is not country-specific but global, a unified mass from which resources can be drawn if necessary.”

“Etteplan has many good opportunities for growth internationally,” continues Ville. “Etteplan has broad shoulders in that way. We have designers abroad and there’s a great opportunity to work internationally.”  

Etteplan Hydraulic Engineers

Hydraulic engineers Ville Männistö and Niklas Malmström

Solutions of the future and new technologies are at the heart of the job

“Etteplan allows you to think about future solutions and work with the latest technologies, e.g. digital hydraulics, electrification, hydraulic simulations, big data, electrical load sensing and more,” continues Ville. “Recently, we have also been working on pneumatics, i.e. pressurized air-powered machines for mobile and fixed industrial applications. In some cases, pneumatics has even been the main power source of mobile machines, which is quite rare.”

Niklas sees the presence of sustainability in his work as well.

“Sustainable development, taking things greener. It comes from the customer's side, but Etteplan also supports, we go and drive the world in that direction,” concludes Niklas.

Etteplan offers great opportunities for growth and career building

“Our attitude is that we don’t just focus on one aspect of a solution, instead we can handle the entirety of a complex project. You get a great overall view of hydraulics engineering, which isn’t a given in many places,” Ville explains.

“Our wide customer base ensures that there are plenty of opportunities to learn new things both in terms of your career development and skills. I have regular discussions with my supervisor about my career progression and what kind of work I’m interested in doing and learning more about,” concludes Niklas.

Interested in being a part of Etteplan’s community of experts? Take a look at our open positions and apply!

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