Working with robots and industrial automation at Pemamek

Pemamek is a leading supplier of welding and production automation. The company designs and manufactures automated welding and production systems as well as workpiece handling equipment. Etteplan has provided Pemamek with additional resources for the development of welding automation software since 2016.  A team of Etteplan experts have been working inside Pemamek’s organization in the domains of software development, simulations and mathematics. Their main tasks have been related to software development and robotics.

Among these Etteplan experts are Janika Hankaniemi, Team manager in Software development, and Teemu Laine, Software Designer. They have been working in small project groups that have had experts from both Etteplan and Pemamek. “We’ve worked seamlessly with Pemamek’s experts and the cooperation has been daily. Inputs from both sides have been taken into account very well,” explains Janika.

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Working with Pemamek has given the opportunity to travel and explore new types of work

According to Etteplan’s experts, traveling, robotics and working in a new environment have been some of the most interesting parts of this project.

“Robotics is pretty new to me, so getting to play with these machines has been fun. Other than that, projects have changed during my time with Pemamek and I’ve had the chance to meet new people, customers and visit new countries,” Janika says.

Teemu has a very similar view on his time working with Pemamek. “There have been trips to customers in Australia, U.S and around Europe. If you want to travel, these kind of projects are definitely for you.”

Project challenges represent an opportunity to learn new skills

This was the case with Pemamek as well.

“I got to design PEMA Weldcontrol 200 software product from scratch, that was really cool,” says Teemu. “I’ve studied factory automation so it was nice to be able to take advantage of that when working with robots. The work hasn’t been monotonous at all, every customer has their own imagination, which requires creativity from us.”

Janika found the opportunity to impact her work rewarding. “I’ve had the chance to have a say on the ways of building software because our clients usually lack an established system. When the customer sees our expertise they receive it with enthusiasm,” explains Janika. “You also have to learn to live with the fact that information isn’t always certain, schedules aren’t solid and that you have to do things independently.”

Our experts learned a lot from their time working with Pemamek Especially in the area of industrial automation.

“I learned about the big picture of industrial automation and working within diverse teams that consist of welding technicians, robotics experts, sales people, engineers and mechanics. Being the only software expert in the team, you really have to dig deep to be able to understand the core problems and provide solutions,” describes Teemu.

Mathematics had a big part to play in our experts’ work. Both thought that they personally benefitted immensely from this project.

“I gained new experiences and deeper understanding of C# and math,” touts Teemu.

“I really liked the uniqueness of industrial projects. I got to use familiar coding language in different situations. My favorite subject, mathematics was also integrated into my work, which doesn’t happen in every project,” concludes Janika.

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