Image: Anna Månsson

Anna Månsson

Regional Manager Technical Documentation Solutions

Started at Etteplan in January 2013  

"I studied at Karlstad University where I got my Master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Technology. After graduation I stayed in Karlstad where I worked for some time, but not for long, before I decided to try something different and applied for a position at Etteplan in Gothenburg. What interested me in the particular position, “Vehicle Climate Control Engineering”, was the combination of climate systems, in which I already had experience, and cars, which I had come to find very exciting. I have always been interested in the functionality of things; what causes natural phenomena, the construction of technical devises and such. 

During my second year at Etteplan I helped developing specialized equipment for testing and evaluating air conditioning systems in cars. Following the project I was asked to take on the role as department manager, which I happily did.  My work as department manager includes leading a team and finding new and interesting assignments for us. I often gain insight in, for me, new technical areas, which is something I enjoy a lot. A current example is a project with a new customer who works in Medicinal Technology and which I find most interesting to be a part of! 

Working at Etteplan there are many possibilities for personal development and increased responsibilities. I am happy to see that these opportunities are often offered to graduates and as I quite recently graduated myself I appreciate all the support I have received from the management!"