Designing comfortable climate for operator cabin while minimizing fuel consumption

Webinar - Date: 27.05.2020 - Time (CET): 15:00-15:30
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Mobile machinery are operated under harsh conditions in rough mines, windy harbors, frozen winter forests or hot deserts. Effective and Safe operation require concentration from the operator. To be able to focus all the time to correct things the operator climate must be comfortable. At the same time energy efficiency play important role while developing sustainable world. New engine technologies combined with hybrid and electric powertrains has decreased fuel consumption of the machines and thus HVAC is taking increasing share of the total energy consumption of the mobile machine.

How to develop comfortable operator climate

In this Webinar Morgan Henriksson will present how knowhow, simulation and proper test facilities are combined to develop comfortable operator climate, while energy consumption of the cooling system is minimized. 


Speaker: Morgan Henriksson, Technical Director Climate Technology


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Morgan Henriksson
Morgan Henriksson
Department Manager
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