Sven Horstmann: At Etteplan knowledge is shared and passed on with pleasure

Sven Horstmann is known for being a friendly and helpful co-worker to whom new employees often turn to. For those who have recently joined Etteplan Sven has an important message.

“Do not be afraid of new tasks. If there are any problems or questions, all supervisors and colleagues will support you in a friendly and energetic way — just like they have done with me. It is better to ask too many questions than too few. At Etteplan knowledge is shared and passed on with pleasure.”

Sven is a Documentation Specialist working in the Technical Documentation department in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany. After completing his advanced training as a state-certified mechanical engineer he was hired as a Technical Writer at Etteplan in 2016.

“The core of my work is describing technical concepts understandably. Getting to the core with the various technical systems and machines requires a prominent level of technical knowledge and that is what makes my work so exciting. The dimensions of the machines we describe are impressive,” Sven tells.

He works on multiple projects in machine and plant construction which makes every single workday different. Sven’s career path has offered him many learning opportunities. Currently, he is responsible for several customers which includes managing various teams and delegating tasks.

Even though Sven has been around the block for a while now he can easily recall some of the best moments of his career.

“The most interesting project I have worked with so far has been rewriting a software manual in explosion-proof areas. Also, the time I was introduced to my very first own customer was the most meaningful and special experience,” Sven says with a bright smile on his face.

Having worked on multiple versatile projects, Sven finds exchanging ideas within the team the best way to achieve the best results. Within his team, they always address problems immediately and discuss them constructively.

" Etteplan's corporate culture is incredibly open and friendly. The flat hierarchy allows for short decision-making processes and excellent communication opportunities,

...It makes me proud to be working at Etteplan and being a part company’s success.”

In the future, Sven hopes to keep developing and advancing in his position.

“The career development at Etteplan works well as there are enough opportunities for employees to develop in different areas. If you are open to new challenges there is so much to see and do in this company,” he says.