Technical Authors at Etteplan, what do they do?


Technical authors at Etteplan, what do they do?

Technical authors at Etteplan help manufacturers with the technical information for their products. They convert complex matter into easy understandable pieces of content, that can be reused in all kinds of publications. In manuals or spare part catalogs, but increasingly in all kinds of digital service solutions.

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You do not need to have a technical background. Curiosity, precision and a feel for structure are important skills to create high-quality technical information. Etteplan’s experts can help you understand the challenges of the technical author and train you in handling technical information. Create content that makes life easier for the different user groups, such as installers, technicians, operators or users.

While making our customer’s content future proof, you can also build a secure future for yourself: Etteplan gives you many opportunities for a glorious career. In a global company, the front line of technical information solutions and the many exciting industries of our wide range of customers.

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Step into the world of technical documentation and read the personal stories of our technical authors Femke Gobius du Sart, Sven Horstmann and Tessa Kelder.

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