Etteplan DRAW

Leave your manufacturing drawings to Etteplan and reap the benefits of our efficiency

Accelerated time-to-market thanks to concurrent engineering
Increased flexibility in engineering
Cost savings
Excellent manufacturability and quality
Harmonized modeling and engineering methods

Etteplan DRAW is a service where we produce high-quality manufacturing drawings from the customer’s 3D models. You can choose from our continuous services or make use of our expertise in one-off development projects or other projects.

Etteplan DRAW accommodates all needs for manufacturing and engineering drawings in R&D, order-to-delivery and maintenance processes. We are efficient, as we have seamless processes and an extensive background in producing manufacturing drawings. We stick to jointly agreed schedules and budgets.

Save time for R&D

Manufacturing drawings are an essential part of the R&D and delivery process. Producing them can be labor-intensive, however, and may divert your engineering organization’s resources away from the product’s life-cycle management or product development. In addition, manufacturing drawings demand special expertise and in-depth knowledge of engineering and manufacturing methods.

Outsourcing manufacturing drawings or assigning them to Etteplan makes overall financial sense. We would even go so far as to say that we can produce drawings faster and more economically than you could, thanks to our long-standing expertise and finely tuned processes. With the time you save, you can focus on product development and product life-cycle management (PLM).

In our experience, shortcomings in engineering instructions slow down the production of manufacturing drawings and increase the possibility of errors and, in turn, costs. We are also happy to help develop your engineering process and instructions in order to improve the cost-effectiveness of the engineering process.


Guaranteed cost-effectiveness

Purchasing the Etteplan DRAW service as a Managed Service means that we will continuously improve and further develop the production process and methods related to manufacturing drawings for you. The benefits you gain from the service model will be reflected in the improved technical quality of the drawings, shorter lead times and cost savings.

We can produce manufacturing drawings for your product partly or fully out of Etteplan’s units in China, which significantly increases the cost-effectiveness of the service. By taking advantage of Etteplan’s efficient process and high level of expertise in China, we can achieve cost savings as high as 30–50 percent. Our teams in Europe and China work seamlessly together to ensure high quality and the product’s excellent manufacturability.

The world’s leading companies such as Valmet, ABB, Outotec and Siemens have entrusted part of the production of their manufacturing and engineering drawings to Etteplan.

Our services include:

  • Manufacturing drawings directly from a 3D model (3Dà 2D)
  • Localization of manufacturing drawings
  • Engineer-to-Order drawings
  • Updates to manufacturing drawings based on production feedback
  • As-built drawings if the need for changes becomes apparent during installation
  • Plant drawings: we ensure that the engineering drawings for your production plant and building services technology are up to date
  • Conversions (CAD à CAD)
  • Modelling (2D à 3D)
  • Consultation (e.g. development of 3D modelling methods and tools)


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