Information Maturity

Webinar - Datum: 23.04.2020 - Zeit (CET): 16:00-16:30 CET
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Times of change

In the current challenging business situation you initially focus on your core business. In these times also the difference can be made in the way you are taking action for new ways of doing business or how digitization can help you to gain efficiency or add value for yourself and your customers.

Roadmap to information maturity

In this webinar Guido Abbenhuis gives you a fresh perspective on how future-proof technical information can contribute to your business goals and service maintenance strategy.

With a reference to the Industry 4.0 developments, he will provide you with a benchmark and development roadmap on technical information maturity.


Speaker: Guido Abbenhuis, Director Etteplan Netherlands

Abbenhuis Guido


Series of 4 unique webinars

This webinar is part of a unique series of 4 webinars that will provide you with interesting insights in the evolution of technical information. You will learn how you can create additional business value with technical information and how this will help you to reach business goals.

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