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Forward focus. Bold thinking. Smarter together.

We are a technology service company with the purpose of bringing people and technology together to change things for the better. Our shared forward focus keeps us searching for the next breakthrough in products, processes, and businesses.

We not only drive change - we are the change

  • ~4 000
    employees across 3 continents
  • 360.0 M€
    Net Sales in 2023
  • ~80
    offices across 8 countries

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Etteplan in Brief

Our bold thinking sets us on course to tackle the most crucial challenges. This attitude has propelled us upwards for over 40 years, starting from engineering solutions, and flowing into information management, digital transformation, and sustainability.

We create solutions for smarter businesses.

Together with our customers, we are building a world we wish to see. A world where every system, process, and product can be made smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable. For this world to unfold, we need diverse people, expertise and collaboration. By working across industries, together we raise the bar on what a technology service company can do.

Read more about key elements of our strategy and focus areas for growth.

Etteplan strategy

  • Increasing value for customers

The key objective of our strategy is to create even higher value for our customers and support them in the industrial change, and in the development of sustainable business.

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