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Project Information Services

Discover Etteplan's Project Information Services, tailored to meet the needs of construction and engineering investment projects, and aligned with ISO 19650-1:2019. From outlining requirements and processes to effective information exchange, information assurance and handover enabling efficient operation and maintenance.

Sustainable success with streamlined project information 

At Etteplan, we offer comprehensive services for effective project information management in construction and engineering investment projects. We understand the vital role of accurate project information in successful project execution. 

Our collaborative approach ensures inclusivity and embraces diverse perspectives. We work closely with your team to facilitate the smooth flow and accessibility of project information throughout the project lifecycle. Together, we navigate project complexities and achieve excellence in project delivery. 

We challenge conventional practices and drive progress in project information management. Our team of experts utilizes innovative methodologies and technologies to optimize the creation, organization, and dissemination of project information. By leveraging Etteplan's Project Information Services, you gain a systematic and efficient approach to project information management. 

Seamless information exchange: Leverage Etteplan's digital platforms for effective collaboration 

Etteplan's Project Information Services covers several areas. We help develop comprehensive Information Management Plans (IMPs) that outline project requirements, roles, responsibilities, and processes. Our services facilitate effective information exchange, leveraging digital platforms and tools for seamless sharing, version control, and traceability. We also support the structured handover of project information at project completion, ensuring relevant documentation and data are delivered in a format that enables efficient operation, maintenance, and future modifications. 

Partner with us today and let our collaborative, courageous, and impactful Project Information Services guide you towards effective project information management. Together, we optimize collaboration, mitigate risks, enhance compliance with international standards, and ultimately enhance overall project success. 

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