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Automotive and Transportation

Etteplan has over 30 years’ experience in the automotive industry with a top-notch test lab in Gothenburg, Sweden. In addition, having a quickly growing software and safety unit in automotive hub in Poland. With its state-of-the-art facilities and expertise, Etteplan sets the direction for safe, sustainable and smart mobility and transportation.

Building the electric future

The future of mobility is electric. As vehicle manufacturers strive to build a more sustainable future, this trend extends from consumer cars and  heavy vehicles to highly specialized non-road mobile machinery such as the vehicles used in agriculture, forestry, and mining. With the focus on electrification along with safety and autonomous driving, the automotive industry is going through a fundamental transformation. More sustainable, autonomous and connected mobility is just around the corner. With its technologies, Etteplan is at the forefront of the ongoing change and prepared to help its clients on their journeys.

Solutions for electrification, safety and autonomous driving

Electrification and battery technologies: Etteplan’s strong electromobility offering covers the whole electrification chain from system and powertrain design all the way to different simulations and testing services. The company’s leading expertise in battery technology and thermal management is based on more than 30 years of research and experience.

Testing for successEtteplan’s in-house simulation expertise, laboratories and test facilities offer a unique combination of engineering and testing services. At our top-notch test facility in Gothenburg, Sweden, we test, simulate and verify complete climate control systems and components in all possible environmental conditions. Etteplan has also industry leading expertise in the development and testing of climate systems for electric and hybrid vehicles. Etteplan holds commercial EMC test laboratory accreditation, giving us the possibility to offer accredited EMC and RF testing in compliance with the relevant standards. 

Uncompromised safety: In mobility, safety always comes first. Etteplan’s team helps their clients meet the ever-increasing requirements of functional safety on various levels of safety. We offer design and testing activities throughout the whole product life cycle. Our hardware and software development meets industry safety requirements and standards such as ISO 26262:2018. By applying safety analysis with the help of FMEDA and FTA methodologies we do our best to ensure that every design fulfills its safety requirements.

Software for smarter mobility: The future cockpit looks different from what we have been used to so far. Our expertise covers, for example, BSP development, safety and infotainment systems, Bluetooth communications, and speech control solutions. In addition, we have been involved in designing and developing advanced driver-assistance systems for major OEMs. The systems have been based on AUTOSAR standards and use technologies such as SOA (service-oriented architecture), V2V (vehicle to vehicle communication), DOIP (diagnostic over IP), OTA (over the air updates). 

Hardware design and testing: Etteplan is your trusted partner in the development of products that require functional safety approach in design and analysis as well as BOM and EMC optimization. We develop electronics and embedded solutions according to automotive standards such as ISO 26262:2018. Our experts can support you in your designs than include safety analysis, like FMEA, FMEDA and FTA. We can provide necessary metrics, guidelines and other data to improve safety, reliability and costs of your product. As your service partner, Etteplan is capable of contributing during each stage of the electronic hardware design process and product development cycle, including:

  • Requirements Management
  • Design Analysis (FMEA, worst-case)
  • Functional Safety Analysis (ISO 26262:2018)
  • Electronics Circuit Design and PCB Layout
  • Product Verification
  • New Product Introduction

Technical documentation: Etteplan ensures high quality and availability of all your technical information. Users get the content that they need without any delays in both traditional print and digital formats, available directly in the vehicle’s entertainment system or through mobile & web applications. When making new products or new product versions there are often many similar features to previous models, meaning that old user manuals and other content can be partially reused. Etteplan creates a new user friendly and efficient manual, saving you from potential costs and complications in the long run. All the information is hosted in one place with automated delivery channels which not only removes waste and complications from content management but also saves on costs.

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