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Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Design

When it comes to performance and power, FPGA design is the optimal choice for sophisticated devices.

We have extensive experience in implementing FPGA designs using leading vendors' components such as AMD/Xilinx and Intel/Altera. Whether it's RTL design or HLS approach, we leverage the industry's best development tools chains and IPs to create high-performance devices for industrial, medical, military, and telecom systems. 

FPGA for high performance

At Etteplan, we offer FPGA, CPLD, and PLD development as part of our Etteplan DEVICE project or as a separate service. FPGA design is a relevant option when you require high-speed performance and quick reaction time, such as in video processing or fixed network/wireless devices. It's also ideal for reusing existing FPGA functionality in important roles. 

EOL and availability

If you're facing component End-Of-Life (EOL) or poor availability issues with your existing successful product, we can help. Our team has expertise in transferring FPGA designs from EOL components to new FPGA types. In some cases, we've integrated multiple older FPGA designs into a single new device. 

Hardware design language for device design

FPGA designers at Etteplan are skilled in developing both electronics and embedded software. RTL design for FPGAs requires a different understanding than traditional software development - it focuses on digital clocked logic implementation with simultaneous timing considerations. 

We see FPGAs as tools to reach your technical and commercial targets. Just like selecting an efficient MCU for software development, choosing the right FPGA with the necessary resources is crucial. Our turnkey projects provide a schedule and budget estimation, or we can work on-site if you need to strengthen your FPGA development team for larger systems. 

Open configuration options with Etteplan's FPGA design expertise and let us help you achieve your goals. 

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