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Embedded Software Development

At Etteplan, we specialize in embedded software development, understanding the unique challenges and requirements of this field. Etteplan provides embedded software design services across a wide range of industries, including industrial, defense, automotive, medical, and telecom. Our expertise extends from complete embedded devices to individual measurement or sensor applications.

Unlock the full potential of Embedded Development with our turnkey solutions 

Etteplan offers turnkey solutions that cover the entire development process, from embedded software to connectivity, cloud computing, and robust analysis systems. Our expertise allows us to identify and resolve potential bottlenecks in product development or seamlessly integrate into your existing processes. We combine electronics, mechanics, and software expertise to design embedded devices for our customers. 

Our offering: holistic approach for success 

Etteplan takes a holistic approach to embedded software development. We provide comprehensive software documentation, meticulous testing, and automated testing to ensure the highest quality deliverables. We prioritize the security of your products by incorporating cyber security design practices, including penetration tests when necessary. 

Our expertise include

Embedded Linux: developing complex functionalities like graphical user interfaces and connectivity 
Real-time software development: microcontroller development for radio, Bluetooth, and power consumption in devices 
Programming languages: C/C++, Python 
Software architecture planning 
Secure development with the latest cyber security practices 
Communication systems 
Software testing and automated testing

Complete Embedded Software delivery

With Etteplan as your partner, expect well-supported and modern platforms that ensure longevity, cost-effectiveness, and minimized risks. Our portfolio includes complete products spanning end-user devices, gateways, and cloud solutions. By adhering to industry-standard platforms, we empower you to further develop and maintain your systems independently. 

A flexible approach for seamless collaboration 

Etteplan understands that every project is unique. We offer a flexible approach to software development, delivering projects on your premises and seamlessly integrating with your development team. Alternatively, you can outsource the project to us, freeing yourself from hands-on project management. Our embrace of agile development methodologies ensures efficient project execution and results that meet your highest standards. 

Our delivery models fall into three categories: 

  • Project delivery: entire device development projects including hardware and software 
  • Consultancy delivery: Etteplan experts working at the customer premises 
  • Team delivery: a flexible team of experts combining necessary expertise to match customer needs, such as a scrum team 

Contact us today!

Partner with Etteplan, your go-to source for embedded software development. Together, we'll ensure your systems stand out in performance, reliability, and efficiency. Contact us today to embark on a journey of innovation and excellence in embedded software development. 

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