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By partnering with Etteplan, you will gain optimal business value from all critical stages of your product or asset lifecycle.

Focus on what you do best

We design and develop physical products and production assets. We integrate them with intelligent functionalities, connectivity and analytics, and enable efficient use and maintenance with relevant technical information.

Our expertise + your business knowledge

Cross-functional thinking and co-creation come naturally to us. With our expertise and your business knowledge, we will ensure that you exceed your customer needs. We do more than provide a service; we partner with you and adapt to your stakeholder and project-specific requirements to engineer customized solutions which comply with legislation, industry standards, safety, and cybersecurity regulations. As your strategic partner, we enable you to focus on what you do best.

Research and Development

Achieving R&D excellence is crucial for developing high-value products and services that align with customer needs and sustainability goals. Streamlining internal operations ensures resource efficiency and timely market entry.

Order to Delivery

A streamlined Order-to-Delivery process enhances customer value, fostering trust and loyalty. It offers strategic advantages like improved agility, supply chain quality, and operational efficiency, leading to increased market share.

Production Development

In discrete manufacturing, ensuring flexibility and defect-free deliveries are key success factors. Streamlining batch production while implementing rigorous quality control is essential.

Aftermarket Solutions

Providing aftermarket solutions such as technical support, maintenance services, spare parts, lifecycle upgrades and asset information are essential for OEMs, technology suppliers, and pure service organizations. These solutions enable bolstering revenue streams, customer relationships, and a winning market position for the company.

Asset Development

In industrial companies, making feasible investments in large-scale production facilities presents significant challenges and risks. Avoiding major disappointments requires mature asset development and management capabilities based on a strong foundation of applied technologies.

Asset Operations and Maintenance

Successful industrial production requires efficient processes and meticulous asset management, operations, and maintenance. It is a must to balance between securing production, end-product quality, and profitability. Better decision-making is a result of expertise in industrial digitalization, analytics, and maintenance engineering.