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Corporate Governance

General governance principles

Etteplan Oyj is a Finnish public limited company that in its decision-making and governance complies with the Finnish Companies Act, the Securities Market Act, other legislation concerning publicly listed companies, and the Articles of Association of Etteplan Oyj.

The Company is a publicly listed company that abides by the regulations of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Etteplan complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2020 published by the Securities Market Association. Etteplan does not deviate from any single regulation of the Code. The Finnish Corporate Governance code is available on the Securities Market Association’s website at

Supervision and management of the Company is divided among the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors, and the CEO. The CEO is assisted by the Management Group in the operative management of the Company and in coordinating its operations. The Management Group members are not members of the Board of Directors.

Corporate Governance statements