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Asset Development

In industrial companies, making feasible investments in large-scale production facilities presents significant challenges and risks. Avoiding major disappointments requires mature asset development and management capabilities based on a strong foundation of applied technologies.

Optimizing large industrial investments

Investment projects in industries such as chemical, pulp & paper, and metals and mining are known for their massive scale and complexity. Planning, developing, upgrading, or maintaining physical assets and facilities within these industries is a highly demanding undertaking. Success in these endeavors requires aligning with all stakeholders, market fluctuations, regulations, and the requirements of the green transition. 

At Etteplan, we specialize in guiding you through the complexities of industrial investments, offering a wealth of specialized expertise in asset management and development. We possess the required know-how to mitigate risks in plant engineering and to make optimized investments across their entire lifecycle. 

From strategic planning to feasibility studies and procurement

The basis for success or failure in an investment project is usually laid out early in asset development of the basic concept, business case, and timetable. Integration of activities across the whole lifecycle, careful and strategic planning, and a strong project risk management approach are crucial. The planning and engineering phases alone can determine up to 80% of an asset's total lifecycle cost. 

The complete business environment must be considered in evaluating the business case potential. The process must include feasibility studies, pre-engineering, and basis engineering, defining IT/OT requirements, as well as meticulous procurement with proactive quality assurance. 

Unique capabilities in plant engineering

Etteplan covers all the expertise areas of plant and facility design, powered by a unique in-house combination of engineering, technical information, software, and automation capabilities. We have a proven track record of asset management, including cases involving the smart factory concept and green transition. With our full set of project management capabilities, we help you in every stage. 

Partner with us to ensure your investment aligns with market dynamics and meets the goals of the green transition. With our services and expertise, we guarantee a seamless journey and a successful investment project spanning the complete asset lifecycle. 

Etteplan’s services for smart asset development

Feasibility studies & pre-engineering

Etteplan helps you carry out the initial pre-feasibility and feasibility studies to assess the viability of the project, prepare process engineering concepts, and capture potential risks. We provide effective pre-engineering services to reach necessary technical information and refined project requirements as a basis for the investment proposal. Our services cover, e.g., Building Technologies, Plant Engineering, Process Control, IT/OT technologies, and Safety.

Basic engineering and risk management

The basic engineering phase involves the development of detailed engineering plans. We support you with Structural, Electrical, HVAC, Piping, and Mechanical Engineering as well as Fire Protection and Automation & Instrumentation. During the basic engineering phase, we provide Asset Information Management to organize the investment phase as well as the operation and maintenance phase of the plant. Additionally, our services include IT/OT requirements definition, service design, application development, IoT, Data Analytics, and Integration services.

Project and procurement

You can rely on our project management capabilities and experienced project managers in planning and implementation of the project. We can take responsibility for the whole project or sub-project, and we provide owner’s engineering services for project owners to ensure execution in accordance with their specifications, standards, and expectations, including AIM coordination. We support procurement teams by supplier quality management and expediting services, applying proactive Quality Assurance (QA) throughout, as well as planning and engineering to control all relevant aspects of manufacturing at the supplier.

Detail engineering

We cover all engineering disciplines. Deliverables from the detail engineering phase are used, when required, to procure and contract all site works. Detailed schedules are also created and maintained. Our Plant Engineering scope includes, e.g., process equipment, civil engineering, Power Distribution, Mill Automation, FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing), Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP objects including HVAC).

Asset Management

We help implement an Asset Information Model and essential practices (AIM coordination) to plan, manage, and receive up-to-date and accurate asset information from suppliers and project stakeholders. We take care of document management, equipment master data, and maintenance plans and schedules.

Construction management, commissioning, and start-up

Our experts support you in Site and Installation Supervision to ensure mechanical completion, feedback, as-built information, and qualification of the supplier deliveries. We help you with Commissioning and Start-up, including SAT (Site Acceptance Testing). We also provide training and e-learning solutions for onboarding to ensure smooth take-over.

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